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Let’s not make this a trend

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I had a so-so week last week. My dieting wasn’t horrible, but definitely wasn’t post worthy. And then I may have exercised 3 or 4 times, which isn’t horrible either, but not exactly measuring up to my goal for last week.

Then came the weekend… I spent Friday night in New Orleans with a friend who’s friend was coming in town and wanted to party it up in Nola (abbreviation locals use for New Orleans, Louisiana). I had my mind set that I’d have two or three drinks at the most and then eat reasonably well. I started the night by having shrimp and grits for dinner and then bought mini bottles of wine for everyone. Man that was an unnecessary pre-gamer! I’ll save the details of the night and my good girl reputation by saying that I had a good night and even managed to stay well behaved!

And then Saturday night, I went out with my family to a Hibachi dinner for my nephew’s birthday. There I managed to eat lots of veggies and about half of my rice, but then I had the bright idea of getting my nephew some ice cream and having everyone over to my place. Well ice cream turned into ice cream, cake, party masks, candles, and alcohol. Deep sigh. My family was not helping with my weight loss efforts! I did manage to avoid alcohol the whole night, but man I surely didn’t avoid the ice cream and cake. I may have went a bit overboard.

With all my confessions out in the open it should come as no surprise that I weighed in at 260 this morning. Deep sigh again! That was my confession, and now that this has been aired it’s solution time. Since my last Dietbet went so well, I’ve decided to start another one. I am a bit apprehensive because this one has already started, so I won’t have as much time as the other participants and this is a little sooner than I wanted to start another one. But I said I would not go back to the 260s, and now that I have there’s no time for playing around, something must be done immediately!

I’m going to sign up for the bet and go ahead and weigh in this week. The last one went so well, I can only hope the next does also.

Started from the bottom, now I’m still here. Happy Tuesday y’all! Practice consistency! Do as I say, not as I do!



Going shopping!

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This past Sunday as I was looking for something to wear to church, I just happened to venture into the closet in my office. I often call this closet my too small closet. I’m really showing how horrible I am with words, not to find a better name for this closet. But that’s just what it is over here! I first introduced my closet and all the clothes I dream of wearing again in a post last Halloween which I entitled Closet of Horrors. Well this time around the trip wasn’t so horrific, it was actually nice.

October 2013

October 2013

This was me trying unsuccessfully to get this old time favorite shirt on without any luck. I couldn’t even button the lower buttons.

June 2014

June 2014

Here is me on Sunday, all buttoned up! I was so excited that I took a picture with my bonnet still on my head! Please excise that by the way!

It was really encouraging to be able to get some “new” clothes without the expense of having to purchase any.

New Clothes!

New Clothes!

I was able to get 4 shirts and five pairs of pants. About a month or so ago I was able to put three pairs of jeans back into my normal closet.

I haven’t tried on any dresses, skirts or shorts yet. But maybe in a month or so I’ll be able to get into some more of this stuff as well. There are 8 pairs of jeans in there waiting for me to come back to them. It’s funny that the stuff in this closet ranges from size 12/14-18. So there’s tons of motivation in there. Slowly but surely I’ll be cleaning that closet out so I can use it for just outer and winter wear so I can get shelves in my hall closet and be able to use tat just for linens. Oh the dream! One day it’ll become reality.

Being able to fit into old clothes is definitely a confidence booster, but I’m finding myself very stressed lately and have been making some poor food choices earlier this week as well as exercising less than I’m supposed to be this week. I’ve been doing more of 3-4 workouts than 4-7 that I was aiming for this week. I’ll try to get the ball back swinging. Maybe I need another Dietbet to make sure I keep myself accountable and don’t get too lazy. I will definitely keep a close handle on things and I’ve even asked my friends to hold me accountable as well. I mean I do still have LOTS of clothes to fit into!



Victory is Mine

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I am excited to announce that I am victorious! I weighed in on Tuesday at 258.0! That means I won my diet bet of losing 4% of my body weight in 4 weeks! If you remember my Redemption post, then you know I was actually aiming for 255, but I’m just happy I won after losing the first time.

So I’ll let you know how much money I won with my Diet Bet as soon as they give me word. There ended up being 3,241 players participate with a total pot of $100,500 that has to be split amongst the winners after the site takes their percentage. The real great thing about this game was that the 3200 people that played the game lost a total of 17,351 pounds! Isn’t that amazing? That comes to a little more than 5 pounds per person! I’m torn between being excited for all the participants that shed pounds and hoping that at least half of the people didn’t so I can get a bigger share of the pot! My friend that won last time only won her initial pay in back and $30, but hey I’d definitely take that!

Ok, so what now?!? I don’t want to gain any of that weight back, so I’d be more than happy to continue this downward spiral. I am happy to be in the 250’s, but I don’t want to get comfortable here at all! Next stop— 240’s!

I would be more than happy with losing 8 pounds a month, so that’s my new goal. But I’m secretly hoping to drop 35 pounds by mid-September. That would be closer to 10 pounds a month. If I make it to there I’d be elated. You wouldn’t be able to tell me anything! To see the 220’s again would be fabulous. Yes that’s the dream… to be reunited with the 220’s in September. It’s a lofty goal, but I think I can do it. Well I hope I can do it.

I was supposed to write about what I’ve been eating for the past 4 weeks, so I’ll get to that… It seems posts that require lots of pictures take a while for me to put up. I have a case study that I’ve been trying to avoid all week and writing this allows me to feel productive without having to do my homework! Ladies and gentlemen I call that a win-win situation!