The odds are against me

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What do you do when you make a bet and lose 2 /3 times??? A smart person would throw in the towel, but I guess I am not a smart person! I went BIGGER! Crazy how that works. I lost my bet that ended July 11th. But, now instead of doing a one month bet, I did a 6 month bet. I have to lose 10% of my body weight in 6 months.

I’m tired of writing about losing weight. I’m tired of thinking about losing weight. I’m tired of this rollercoaster I’ve been on, it’s actually quite draining. So let’s just stop talking and start doing. If there’s one thing I clearly know how to do, it’s put my money where my mouth is.

So I’ll have monthly goals leading up to my 6 month final weigh in. The grand prize pot is only half the total pot, the other half is equally split between months 1-5. So that means technically I have 6 bets to win. Maybe I could win all of them? But I hope to win most of them!

Here’s the breakdown of my monthly goals/bets.


Month weight loss Goal (total lbs) Body percentage
Starting weight —- 263.2 100%
Round 1 7.9 7.9 3%
Round 2 7.9 15.8 6%
Round 3 5.3 21.1 8%
Round 4 2.6 23.7 9%
Round 5 2.6 26.3 10%
Round 6           ——————MAINTAIN————————-


When I look at the weight loss required per round, that seems quite feasible. I should have at least rounds 3-5 in the bag.

The weight loss goals I put on myself were a lot more difficult that the ones of this challenge, but if I’m not meeting the ones I set why not set some that I may be able to actually accomplish?

So here’s to 7.9 pounds this month!

This week I just finished the most labor intensive module of my MBA program so far, so that’s why I’ve been M-I-A lately. I have to say I am quite exhausted! Mentally, physically, and emotionally. But here’s to it being over!!! I should have a drink or a few, but I’ve got goals to meet 😉 Let’s just hope I don’t get hit with another class like that one! 4 modules down and 3 more to go! I can not believe that I have only 5 more classes left until I graduate! My eye is on the finish line.

During one of my training sessions I recall my trainer telling me exercise wasn’t near as hard as getting my MBA. And I agree with her that the exercise wasn’t as hard, but losing weight is probably much harder than my MBA program. Two things I need to succeed in. It’s tough, but it should all be worth it!

Just a note, I had a problem submitting the verifications for my official starting weight so the actual weight and monthly goals may change slightly once I get my weight officially verified. I’ll keep you updated with my Transformer Challenge! As always, thanks for dropping by!


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