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Victory is Mine

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I am excited to announce that I am victorious! I weighed in on Tuesday at 258.0! That means I won my diet bet of losing 4% of my body weight in 4 weeks! If you remember my Redemption post, then you know I was actually aiming for 255, but I’m just happy I won after losing the first time.

So I’ll let you know how much money I won with my Diet Bet as soon as they give me word. There ended up being 3,241 players participate with a total pot of $100,500 that has to be split amongst the winners after the site takes their percentage. The real great thing about this game was that the 3200 people that played the game lost a total of 17,351 pounds! Isn’t that amazing? That comes to a little more than 5 pounds per person! I’m torn between being excited for all the participants that shed pounds and hoping that at least half of the people didn’t so I can get a bigger share of the pot! My friend that won last time only won her initial pay in back and $30, but hey I’d definitely take that!

Ok, so what now?!? I don’t want to gain any of that weight back, so I’d be more than happy to continue this downward spiral. I am happy to be in the 250’s, but I don’t want to get comfortable here at all! Next stop— 240’s!

I would be more than happy with losing 8 pounds a month, so that’s my new goal. But I’m secretly hoping to drop 35 pounds by mid-September. That would be closer to 10 pounds a month. If I make it to there I’d be elated. You wouldn’t be able to tell me anything! To see the 220’s again would be fabulous. Yes that’s the dream… to be reunited with the 220’s in September. It’s a lofty goal, but I think I can do it. Well I hope I can do it.

I was supposed to write about what I’ve been eating for the past 4 weeks, so I’ll get to that… It seems posts that require lots of pictures take a while for me to put up. I have a case study that I’ve been trying to avoid all week and writing this allows me to feel productive without having to do my homework! Ladies and gentlemen I call that a win-win situation!



Mind over Body

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I had no idea I could get out of shape so quickly! I know my last 5k showed me the negative effects two weeks of no exercise has in my body, but man I didn’t know how bad it really was until yesterday. I was in my hotel room and wasn’t too impressed with the hotel gym and I definitely wasn’t up to getting my car from the valet, tipping and heading to the gym (only 10 minutes away). Yes I know I was being super lazy and super picky, but all this doesn’t matter as long as I get at least thirty minutes of exercise for today.

So that left me with plan C…workout in my room. I was about to put together a routine myself but then I remembered an app I had on my phone (sometimes I do really love that thing). I pulled up my Nike Training Club app and pulled up a 30 minute beginner workout. Five minutes into the thing I had to pause it for a sip of water! If my trainer could see me then I’m sure she would be super embarrassed! 

I thought I was fit and in shape, but clearly that was three weeks ago when I was sticking to my regular workout plans! I see that it takes between two and three weeks for your body to get used to no exercise, but I wonder how long will it take to reverse all the damage I’ve done in these past few weeks? The damage will be reversed!

I don’t know if my body agrees with me or not but I have to just tell my body that the mind is taking over now. I know what’s best for us and you will submit to me! (A bit too much maybe???) But seriously I’m interested to know how long it’ll take me to regain my endurance.

Exercise everyday for 30 days! That’s my November challenge I wrote about Wednesday. I’m a math person so I have to keep telling myself no just because you do an hour today doesn’t mean you’re exempt from activity tomorrow! Man because I could get 3.5 hours done in two or three days and be done for the week! But the point of this challenge is to develop a habit of daily exercise, nit just getting a certain amount of gym time in.

Did you notice my new weight tracker at the bottom of the column on the right? Do you like/dislike? Too cheesy? And I’ve finally got a new page together to track my weight and goals that will be revealed on Monday along with my weigh in. Just saying weigh in makes me nervous! I’m shaking in my running shoes!

Good luck to everyone doing a challenge of their own! We may not all personally know each other but we’re all in this together! Happy Friday y’all!

It’s time for a change

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It’s time for me to get me act together! Since I started this blog my workout routine has really improved and I am happy about that but you may notice I haven’t written one post about food or eating habits. The reason is because that is not one of my stronger areas. Lately I’ve eaten anything and everything I want without second guessing it. And yes I do believe that you should eat what you want because banishing items from your diet will only make you crave these things. But in order for that to work you have to use moderation. And I have not been using proper judgement or eating in moderation.

So when you feel there is a failure that only means you have to evaluate what you are doing and take this opportunity to make some changes. So I already stated what the problem is so now I have to get a plan together so I don’t sabotage my goals. Here’s the plan… I ‘m going to make myself start counting calories again. Although it is a bit tedious I do enjoy playing with numbers. My belief is I will put more thought into what and how much I’m eating if I have to keep a record of it. I log my meals and snacks on lose it, but mostly I use the mobile app so I can keep up with my calorie count on the go. The app has nutritional information for restaurants, supermarket and even home-made meals. This is also where I’ve tracked my weight for the past year and a half. That app allows you estimate how many calories you should consume daily, but I prefer to use an online calorie calculator because I think it’s more accurate. and I don’t want to discriminate so here’s a link to the online calorie counter for menThe counter uses your height, weight and desired weight to calculate how many calories you should consume daily to lose weight at a healthy pace or even how many you should eat if you just want to maintain your current weight.

So I’ll start tomorrow and hopefully in the near future I can have some posts about my healthy eating habits, recipes, and other food related topics instead of only writing about exercise. I hope this calorie counting helps and the pounds will start shedding off. So what difficulties have you faced in your own journey? And what steps are you taking to fix them before they sabotage your progress?

My Fat Moments

Here’s a little and hopefully entertaining list for Labor Day. I did not put a post up Friday off so I decided not to take today off as well (I am trying to stick to a Monday, Wednesday, Friday post schedule). Here are  a few events that have happened to me that made me stop and think maybe it is time to get my weight under control.

  • I was quite  used to the doctor telling me that it was time to lose weight every time I visited, but when the dermatologist told me it was time to lose weight I was slightly offended. Did that even have anything to do with her specialty? What effect could being fat have on my skin?
  • I reached a weight I said I’d never let myself get to over 30 pounds ago. I could have kept raising the number but I have decided that’s not in my best interest.
  • I could not wrap a large bath sized towel around myself. That embarrassed me a bit so I used to dry off with beach towels so I wouldn’t feel ashamed.
  • I had to lift my stomach up to clean underneath my rolls. (My coworker’s moment)
  • A friend set me up with one of his friends and I asked him why he chose this particular guy for me and he simply replied he’s the only guy I know that likes big girls.
  • When my “fat jeans” became my everyday jeans.
  • Everyday activities made me “fat breathe” that’s what I call when someone is breathing really hard for no reason other than being overweight.
  • I noticed a new roll! Now I am quite fond of my rolls. They are a part of me and hopefully they won’t always be there but I have learned to live with (and camouflage) them to the best of my ability. But I am not ready to live with any extra “friends”
  • Sitting “Indian style” or with crossed legs was uncomfortable and sometimes painful.
  • People ask how far along I am (assuming I’m pregnant).
  • Telling people that I used to be on they track team and their reply would be, “Oh you threw the shot put?”
Does anyone have any fat moments that they would like to share?  If you’re off today that means you have all day to get a good workout in! So what are you doing today? I’m considering doing my couch to 5k, but that all depends on the weather. I’ll work on a backup plan just in case it gets rainy this afternoon. Happy Labor Day to you all.
Update on last week’s progress:
Last week my “If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail” post shared my workout plans for the week. I said I would give updates so here’s how I did… I managed to get my four workouts in, but only did my couch to 5k twice. But I’ll attempt to do it four times next week to make up for missing one this week. I tried an aquatic cardio class for the first time and I went to a Pilates class.
This week’s goals…
I will be out of town part of the week so I’ll have more time for exercise. So here’s the plan: couch to 5k (30 minutes of walking/jogging) 4 times, 2 gym visits and at least one group class at the gym (optional). This is a pretty ambitious goal but I’m confident that I can make it.  If anyone’s interested in the day by day schedule let me know and I’ll include it on Wednesday’s post.

Cheaper ways to get fit

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My weight loss goals and financial goals are equally important to me. I know that I can achieve both but they are many times where I find that they are battling each other. I have a “strict” budget. And by “strict” I mean I have a well documented account of where all of my money goes but the rarely stick to that plan. However, my inability to stick to a budget is not the point here. The point is finding a happy marriage between budgeting and exercise. And to do this I have to find cheap ways to get fit.

Gym memberships may seem expensive and unnecessary, but I think it’s only not worth it if you don’t use it. It’s worth it to me because I can use it when I’m out of town in an unfamiliar area. My membership is less than $45 a month for a 24 hour gym with nationwide access. I would like to find an affordable gym that offers group workout classes and nationwide 24 hour access. If anyone knows of my dream gym please let me know.

I have found many other low-cost ways to exercise. Walking/jogging  has become a new-found hobby of mine. Parks and trails offer great scenery for a nice workout, and I also enjoy walking through my neighborhood. I have discovered a trail for every large city that I frequent (in Louisiana) and I’m always on the hunt for more. My church offers Zumba classes for $6 twice a week, which isn’t too bad. I’m signed up for Groupon, Living Social, and Bargain Bee which are all great ways to try new gyms and workouts without spending too much money. From there I’ve tried a month of boot camp classes, gym memberships, and discount pole dancing classes. Each of those things was under $30. I love trying out new activities without being committed to it or paying a hefty price tag.

Another inexpensive idea is to take advantage of the free passes that most gyms offer. Most of the time gyms will give you anywhere from a seven to thirty days free (or deeply discounted) to test them out. I’ve tried various gyms that way as well as yoga, Pilates, and kick boxing classes. I’m sure I’m leaving some things out but each one of those activities deserves their own post and I’ll be sure to get to it sooner than later.

I’m not a fan of workout tapes but that is a great way to get the most for your money. Or you can download apps that mimic weight loss tapes or trainers. I like the Nike Training Club app but I hardly use it because I can’t motivate myself to workout in my house. But if you can I think videos, apps, and the Internet are all budget friendly ways to workout.

What ways do you marry your physical and financial goals? Any ideas or activities to add to the list?


Weekly Progress Update:

So I changed my whole workout schedule this week because of a Groupon and iPhone app I bought Monday afternoon. I purchased the couch to 5k app that was recommended to me by my friend Bekah. (Check out her story about her purchase of the app here). The purpose of the app is to get you ready to RUN a 5k in 9 weeks! I’m really excited and totally perplexed by the idea at the same time. But I’m going to trust this program that I will be able to run a 5k in nine weeks. And I purchased a six-week gym membership for $25 so that I can have access to some group classes.

I’m still committing to four workouts this week and who knows I may even get one or two more in! So far I did the couch to 5k on Monday, Water Cardio class Tuesday and I’m planning on getting a Pilates class in today! What have you accomplished so far this week? Do you think I should have a weekly progress/plan update on each post? Would that be motivational or just too much information?