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The odds are against me

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What do you do when you make a bet and lose 2 /3 times??? A smart person would throw in the towel, but I guess I am not a smart person! I went BIGGER! Crazy how that works. I lost my bet that ended July 11th. But, now instead of doing a one month bet, I did a 6 month bet. I have to lose 10% of my body weight in 6 months.

I’m tired of writing about losing weight. I’m tired of thinking about losing weight. I’m tired of this rollercoaster I’ve been on, it’s actually quite draining. So let’s just stop talking and start doing. If there’s one thing I clearly know how to do, it’s put my money where my mouth is.

So I’ll have monthly goals leading up to my 6 month final weigh in. The grand prize pot is only half the total pot, the other half is equally split between months 1-5. So that means technically I have 6 bets to win. Maybe I could win all of them? But I hope to win most of them!

Here’s the breakdown of my monthly goals/bets.


Month weight loss Goal (total lbs) Body percentage
Starting weight —- 263.2 100%
Round 1 7.9 7.9 3%
Round 2 7.9 15.8 6%
Round 3 5.3 21.1 8%
Round 4 2.6 23.7 9%
Round 5 2.6 26.3 10%
Round 6           ——————MAINTAIN————————-


When I look at the weight loss required per round, that seems quite feasible. I should have at least rounds 3-5 in the bag.

The weight loss goals I put on myself were a lot more difficult that the ones of this challenge, but if I’m not meeting the ones I set why not set some that I may be able to actually accomplish?

So here’s to 7.9 pounds this month!

This week I just finished the most labor intensive module of my MBA program so far, so that’s why I’ve been M-I-A lately. I have to say I am quite exhausted! Mentally, physically, and emotionally. But here’s to it being over!!! I should have a drink or a few, but I’ve got goals to meet 😉 Let’s just hope I don’t get hit with another class like that one! 4 modules down and 3 more to go! I can not believe that I have only 5 more classes left until I graduate! My eye is on the finish line.

During one of my training sessions I recall my trainer telling me exercise wasn’t near as hard as getting my MBA. And I agree with her that the exercise wasn’t as hard, but losing weight is probably much harder than my MBA program. Two things I need to succeed in. It’s tough, but it should all be worth it!

Just a note, I had a problem submitting the verifications for my official starting weight so the actual weight and monthly goals may change slightly once I get my weight officially verified. I’ll keep you updated with my Transformer Challenge! As always, thanks for dropping by!


Victory is Mine

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I am excited to announce that I am victorious! I weighed in on Tuesday at 258.0! That means I won my diet bet of losing 4% of my body weight in 4 weeks! If you remember my Redemption post, then you know I was actually aiming for 255, but I’m just happy I won after losing the first time.

So I’ll let you know how much money I won with my Diet Bet as soon as they give me word. There ended up being 3,241 players participate with a total pot of $100,500 that has to be split amongst the winners after the site takes their percentage. The real great thing about this game was that the 3200 people that played the game lost a total of 17,351 pounds! Isn’t that amazing? That comes to a little more than 5 pounds per person! I’m torn between being excited for all the participants that shed pounds and hoping that at least half of the people didn’t so I can get a bigger share of the pot! My friend that won last time only won her initial pay in back and $30, but hey I’d definitely take that!

Ok, so what now?!? I don’t want to gain any of that weight back, so I’d be more than happy to continue this downward spiral. I am happy to be in the 250’s, but I don’t want to get comfortable here at all! Next stop— 240’s!

I would be more than happy with losing 8 pounds a month, so that’s my new goal. But I’m secretly hoping to drop 35 pounds by mid-September. That would be closer to 10 pounds a month. If I make it to there I’d be elated. You wouldn’t be able to tell me anything! To see the 220’s again would be fabulous. Yes that’s the dream… to be reunited with the 220’s in September. It’s a lofty goal, but I think I can do it. Well I hope I can do it.

I was supposed to write about what I’ve been eating for the past 4 weeks, so I’ll get to that… It seems posts that require lots of pictures take a while for me to put up. I have a case study that I’ve been trying to avoid all week and writing this allows me to feel productive without having to do my homework! Ladies and gentlemen I call that a win-win situation!


21 in 21

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March to May

March 18 to May 20

Last Tuesday I realized there were only 21 days left in my diet bet and it was time to get things moving. Literally.

For the next 21 days I have to do cardio. Every. Single. Day. I can either walk 2 miles, do 30 minutes of cardio in addition to a weight or another type of workout, or do an hour of cardio.

So far it’s been good. I’ve only taken one day off last Friday and that was just because I was being lazy. Other than that one day off the past week has been great. I weighed in at 259.2 this morning! I don’t even have a whole pound to lose and 12 days to do it! I’m feeling good.

I started last Tuesday by walking 2.5 miles at my neighborhood park then Wednesday I completed 60 minutes of cardio on the treadmill, elliptical, cross trainer and rowing machine. Thursday I spent an hour and a half of yard work. That’s pretty much my rotation, some days in the gym and some days walking.

This Saturday is my kayaking trip, FINALLY! I hope this trip won’t end like my last blind kayaking adventure! It’s a good time, great people, and an awesome workout. It’s great to have an active lifestyle again. But can I say how excited I am to be back in the 250s? After getting all the way up to 278 it’s great to break the 260s!

It looks like I’m going to win my bet! I just have to keep doing exactly what I’ve been doing. I haven’t just been upping my cardio, but I’m also eating much better… Post to follow!

Operation 21 workouts in 21 days in full effect! Care to join?


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photo 1photo 3photo 2

This is Cupid’s Garden in Arlington, Virginia. I was lucky enough to take a trip up to the northeast (DC, Philly, Delaware, Jersey and NY) last week. I’m sure I’ll let you know about my revelations in traveling and my new found love of big cities. I ran into this sweet spot in the suburbs of DC while taking a stroll for lunch.

This made me happy and sad all at once. The garden was amid a busy intersection and I loved the contrast of the silver sculpture surround by the different types of low lying greenery, strong and feminine tulips, and the low flirty flowers that I want to say are pansies.

photo 4

I found that a white tulip is used to symbolize worthiness. And this one obviously isn’t worthy. I feel this is quite symbolic. Surrounded by beauty and everything it needs to thrive, this lone white tulip is failing in the one thing it is alive to do… be beautiful.

Last month I wrote all about my Diet Bet, which I ended up losing. Well, it’s redemption time! I signed up for a new Diet Bet that began last Monday. I said I will not lose twice! I feel like I cheated a bit, but I decided to make sure to give myself an advantage this time. I weighed in right before I went to sleep at 269.4. The following morning the scale said 265. I knew that I would weigh heavier at night with a stomach full of food than I did the next morning, so that’s why I decided to submit my weigh in at night.

With a weigh in of 269.4, I need to weigh in at 258.6 on June 2 to win my bet. So that means I only have 6-7 pounds to drop thanks to my strategic weighing in. I feel a wee bit guilty about my sneaky tactics, so I’d like to try to get to 255 by my deadline. It’s been quite a while since I’ve been in the 250s and I have to say I’m quite excited about this very real possibility.

The lone white tulip only needs some time and attention, and that’s exactly what I need as well. A little hard work and careful planning will get me back on track, and hopefully with a little more cash in my pockets! Take the time out this week to stop and smell the flowers! It’s spring time and in south Louisiana the weather is gorgeous, so have a nice week and talk to you soon!


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About a month ago, I got an email from a friend that asked if I was interested in participating in a dit bet. I looked it up and thought this really seemed right up my alley.

I love the tagline on the Dietbet app… “Lose weight with your friends while taking their money.”

The premise of this website is to encourage people to lose weight through betting their own money on their success. My particular game lasts for one month and you are required to lose 4%  of your body weight for a $25 bet. Y’all know I’m unemployed now so I NEED to win my money back!

I’m doing a “Kickstarter” which is 4% in 4 weeks. The other type of bet is the “Transformer” which is 10% in 6 months. If you enter and don’t meet your goal, you lose your money. But if you meet your goal, you win the pot minus the fee Dietbet charges. The fee that Dietbet charges for my particular game is about 10% percent of the total pot, but they guarantee you will at least get the amount you put in for a bet back. (They will adjust their fees so you won’t lose money if the payout ends up being less than what was paid to get in the game.)

People can create their own games or join one of the many open games that are started by Jillian Michaels, Chris Powell, bloggers and regular people. I thought it seemed pretty legit and was anxious to try and win some money.

My game has 707 players and a pot of $17,700, and the Dietbet fee is 1770, so that leaves a pot of $15930 to be divided amongst the winners. If 75% of people (531 people) then my take would be $30. Nothing to get excited about, but that’ll be $5 profit, which is about 20% return on my investment, not to mention the benefit of improved health that comes with dropping almost 11 pounds. So if only half of the people registered meet their goals then my share would be $50! Doubling my investment is definitely something to get excited about. So I’m going to have to hope that at least half of the people don’t meet their goal… I know that’s horrible of me isn’t it?

On March 5th I weighed in at 271.2 and in order to win the bet, had to weigh 260.2 by this Sunday. This morning I weighed in at 262.4, I think that’s a little too close for comfort. But I really let my weekend really derailed me and left me farther from my goal than I’d like. my trainer seems to believe that it’s possible, and I know my weight fluctuates almost daily so I just have to hope that when I weigh in the scale is being kind! 2.2 pounds in two days may sound far fetched, but I weighed 265.4 yesterday morning.

Are you nervous for me? I am. I thought oh I can lose 10.8 pounds in a month, no problem. But the problem comes with all of the fluctuations. FRUSTRATING! So hopefully on April 4th I’ll be having a “light day” or I lose so much weight that my little 1-3 pound fluctuations won’t even negatively affect my goal.

I’ll definitely let you know the results either way, I’m hoping for the best!

5 miles

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My weekly goal is 5 miles. I think that is conservative enough to achieve but steep enough that I have to take 2-3 days each week to complete it. This target of 5 miles was a big factor in my birthday plans. Last weekend I spent a few days in Chicago. I had a great trip and definitely had a crash course in how to get around in the snow.


Eighteen degrees on Michigan Avenue


Walking around Lincoln Park


Realizing the beauty of snow


Another Lincoln Park shot



Southern girl meets snow

Southern girl meets snow

Chicago has a great transit system, which allowed me to walk around and get my five miles in while enjoying the city. This makes me realize how much this country girl enjoys the city. Who knows maybe when I finish school, I can finally move to a big city. And maybe even one that gets snowy.

Have a great weekend and bundle up for those southern Louisianans reading. And for those that aren’t, snow is such a rare occurrence down here when it even threatens to do so the city shuts down. So I’m at home due to my “snow day” reminiscing about my very chilly trip to the Windy City.


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In exactly three hundred and sixty-five days, I will be 30.

This is how I feel about turning 30 next year!

This is how I feel about turning 30 next year!

In my opinion, that’s the first significant birthday of an adult woman’s life. I feel that’s the age when you always imagine you’d be settled. Marriage, career, kids, whatever you thought you’d achieve at this age. I am not excluded from that. I always thought by 30 I’d have the husband, kids, dog and house that I’ve always wanted. But the funny thing about life is some things you just can’t plan. That’s the lesson of my twenties… Shit happens. Some of it is good and some of it isn’t. Some things aren’t fair but the good thing about life is it keeps going.

I feel after your 20s you can’t live life with wreck less abandon. In my mind, I’m a very adventurous, cultured world traveler.

I told you a bit about wanting to live my life more carefree and emotion filled than ever before in my last post, but I didn’t share exactly what I had planned. So here’s my list of things I’ve always wanted to do and other things that I have yet to accomplish. I decided to leave off things that I feel are beyond my control such as a life partner and things like that because no matter how hard I try that is one thing that I can not plan.

Here are the things that I’ve already completed…

  1.  Go natural (stop relaxing my hair)
  2. Complete a 5k race
  3. Buy a house
  4. Visibly dye my hair a different color
  5. Hiking, kayaking, Pilates, yoga
  6. Fire a gun
  7. Learn to swim
  8. Approach/ask out a guy
  9. Pay off credit card debt (about $7-9k)
  10. Work on my spirituality/ Get closer to God
  11. Cut my hair off (Accomplished Twice! J)
  12. Take a solo trip
  13. Mentor a child (This shouldn’t count, it was a bad match and didn’t last long)
  14. Speak up for myself (professionally)
  15. Live in a different state
  16. Host a dinner party
  17. Play matchmaker for a friend
  18. Let myself fall recklessly in love
  19. Conquer a fear
  20. Build a substantial savings

And here are the things I’m (mostly) still working on…

  1. Get my MBA
  2. Weigh under 200 pounds
  3. Start a business
  4. Travel internationally
  5. Travel to every state in the US
  6. Build a shelf, bench, etc
  7. Invest money
  8. PAY OFF CRDIT CARD DEBT AGAIN!!!! (AKA realize I have a spending problem)
  9. Listen to God
  10. Visit the mountains
  11. Purchase an original piece of art
  12. Grow a garden
  13. Write a book
  14. Join a church
  15. Run a complete 5k (jog)
  16. Watch Kobe play at Staples Center (Was originally watch Phil Jackson, but I let the opportunity pass me by when I was 16! A huge regret!)
  17. Bikini wax
  18. Buy an expensive pair of shoes— maybe I should scratch off 27 & 28!
  19. Learn to use a sewing machine

This list is compiled of some things I thought I’d always do and some recent additions. I’m pretty happy that about half are finished. There are quite a few that are pretty easy to accomplish and some that I may not quite get to in the next 365 days. I don’t think there’s time (or money) for me to travel to each state or write a book. And if you knew the balances on my credit cards you’d see that was impossible to do in a year as well.

I really believe I can handle a few of the others. I mean how hard is it to grow a garden??? Or at least a few plants! I have probably killed almost a dozen since I’ve been in my house. And I couldn’t be happier that I’m on track to graduate a few months after my 30th birthday so I’ll go ahead and scratch that off when the time comes, if the good Lord says the same.

And I have one more to add to my list that I can control… Fall in love with MYSELF. I have to stop being so harsh with myself. I was recently asked to name three things I love about myself and you have no idea how hard that was. Especially when the last one had to be something physical. It’s sad that I had to struggle to find just one thing I like about my physical features. I forgot what I settled on, I really didn’t mean it because I can’t even remember. But that’s all going to change.  Challenge yourself… what are three things you love about yourself???? I really hope you have an easier time answering that question than I did because I bet you’re all pretty awesome!

So, please excuse me because I have a hefty list of things to try and accomplish in the next year as well as a birthday to celebrate today! And I’m incorporating fitness into my weekend. I can’t wait to tell you all about it. Have a great and active weekend!