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No Mercy

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Things just got real for me. I stepped on the scale this morning and put a number to my fears. The scale read 260.8. That’s quite terrifying and frankly hard to swallow, yet alone type.

It’s very disheartening to know with that number all the work I have done over the start of my journey has literally been done for nothing. My highest known weight was 262, which is only one tasty treat away. All the fighting and tears shed loosing over 40 pounds is all for nothing now. It’s a tough pill to swallow. None of that matters anymore. Now I am back to almost exactly where I started.

I knew I was gaining weight. I could lie to myself all I wanted but a closet full of clothing doesn’t all shrink at one time… I knew it was getting bad. I tried to get happy about every new clothing purchase I made, but the truth is a pretty new dress is no consolation for no longer being able to fit into the pretty dresses hanging in your closet. Shopping may be fun for most women, but for me clothing stores were the one place I couldn’t hide what I was doing to my body.

But now its become crucial. this number means so much more than anyone could ever know. 260? I was in the 260s when I realized my weight was really out of control and I had to get serious about it and then to let myself hit that mark again? What can I say? What is there to say? It’s time to stop saying and start doing.

I found a 7 day workout plan on Pinterest a week or so ago that I pinned and have been just looking at for a while. I thought it looks good, but now it’s time to put it to action. I started yesterday. The first exercise was 100 jumping jacks. You know I got winded by 14? Wow. That was shocking. I struggled through the whole thing but I finished. I completed everything on the list for Monday. I did omit the lunge split jumps because WTH is that anyways??? Lol. I think that is the only exercise I’m leery of. Well that and Saturday’s bird dogs. What?!?! That doesn’t sound enjoyable.

daily workout plan

My goal to turn this whole thing around is to start with this plan for this week. And get at least a few miles in as well. I don;t want to put a number or timeline on things now but I want to just say that the upward climb of my weight MUST STOP NOW. I’m putting myself at risk of so many diseases and so many unnecessary challenges. And all why? Because I’m too busy lazy to work out or I want to eat anything and everything that is placed in front of me?

I have to make the choice that I love myself more than that. I have to love myself enough to make time and properly care for my body. And that’s exactly what I’m going to do. I have to take advantage of this month or two when I’m not traveling every week and take care of my most prized possession.

  • This week I WILL complete this 7 day regiment.
  • I WILL plan my meals weekly.
  • I WILL make juice at least twice a week.

This is my commitment to myself. Wish me luck!


Starting fresh

I keep saying to myself oh you did it before, you can do it again. I know weight loss doesn’t have a one size fits all method but this year I’ve learned that I can’t rely what I did last year to lose weight this year. I did it once but those same techniques didn’t fit my lifestyle today. I have to adapt to my new surroundings and all the changes that have happened since then.

First of all I need to restart that weight tracker over there —> —> —> —> —> —>

And then I GUESS I have to step on the scale… Oh please pray I have the courage to share that number. Or better yet let’s all pray that I have the determination to change that number. And realize that’s just a starting point and the only tragedy will be if I remain there.

So how do I change it?

Let’s see… Meal planning, healthy snacks, exercise plan. It all sounds good. And I want to keep my scale in the kitchen instead of in the bathroom. The bathroom already has a big mirror to scare me into submission. But the kitchen has no sort of torture device so I think the scale would be perfect. And I have a nice spot in mind right in front of the refrigerator… Yes I think that’ll work.

So let me get to it. Weighing myself and updating my little section of the blogosphere. This is kind of exciting. I feel like it’s my very first time! Stay tuned… no excuses this time. (If you see me make an excuse please call me out on it)

*I forgot to add the holiday excuse, which I think is VERY valid. I’ll be looking for a solution to that problem. Any suggestions?

Cutting Calories

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This week went well, I focused on cutting my daily calorie consumption. I wanted to avoid making any huge changes to my life, but make small gradual changes that will be easier for me to maintain over a long period of time. What was the plan?

Well I decided to drink only water this week because I was getting too accustomed to drinking lemonade, Gatorade and other sugar-loaded beverages. A 32 oz Gatorade has an astonishing 56 grams of sugar! That’s equivalent to 13 teaspoons of sugar I was drinking daily (and sometimes twice daily). So just eliminating one a day for seven days is saving me 1,400 calories and 392 grams of sugar! That’s almost a pound every three weeks I was drinking in just Gatorade! (3,500 calories is equal to a pound)  No wonder why the pounds were piling on, that’s not even counting the cranberry juice and other drinks.

I’m not trying to eliminate beverages from my diet forever, but if I retrain my body to crave water I’m hoping it’ll curb my cravings for all the sugar loaded crap. There was a time when I mostly had only water, and then I was on better terms with my friend Mr. Scale.

The other simple change I made this week was not eating out. I think it made it harder that I was out-of-town and couldn’t run to a fast food joint on my way back to the hotel in the afternoon. But Monday morning I headed out to the grocery store and picked up a variety of fruit, plenty of water and a few Lean Cuisines. I did have a kitchen in my room but I did not feel like using the stove at all this week. By the way the Lean Cuisine pizza is quite tasty. I didn’t even miss the burger and fries I would have had instead.

My next challenge will be how well I eat when I’m back in the office next week. I work in a part of town that’s filled with many restaurants that I love to frequent as well many tasty fast food restaurants nearby. So next week I’ll try to focus and work out a new game plan so next week will go as good as this one did.

Another small changes I made this week were to make sure I took the stairs instead of the elevator, I’m only on the third floor so that didn’t take too much extra effort- I just had to overcome the lazy girl inside of me that glanced over at the elevator every time I left my room. I looked it up and it seems that didn’t burn many calories (estimates show 15-25), but I felt like I was improving my stamina. Towards the end of the week I wasn’t as winded as I was on Monday. So hopefully no more shortness of breath on Walmart runs?

Everything happens for a reason and I’m glad that I had that wakeup call in Walmart, it made me get serious and open my eyes to what I was doing to myself… I’m glad to be back and thank you for coming back with me. Have a great weekend! And let’s all keep the Gatorade to a minimum!


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I used to love drinking water. I normally would want nothing but water at least 75% of the time I reached for a beverage. But since I put the no flavored beverage restriction upon myself every flavored drink has been calling out to me. I’ve craved ice tea, lemonade, ginger ale and every other non-soda drink. The funny thing about that is I love lemonade and ginger ale but I seldom drink tea. But I had some last weekend. Clearly my Lenten sacrifice is really getting the best of me.

But in order to motivate myself to finish out strong I’m going to highlight the benefits of drinking water. While looking up benefits of water I found some interesting facts:

  • Blood is 83% water
  • Muscles are 75% water
  • The brain is 95% water
  • Lungs are 90% water

No wonder why it’s so important to drink plenty of water, because your whole body is made up of it.

  • Get healthy skin- water is said to leave your skin more moisturized and leaves a natural glow. And that’s definitely cheaper than buying a high priced cream.
  • Flush Toxins- water cleanses the toxins of your body. Who needs to buy a cleanse when you can have nature’s cleanse for free?
  • Cushion And Lube Your Joints And Muscles
  • Get Energized and Be Alert- water keeps the body well hydrated which restores energy so that our body can do more work.
  • Reduce Your Risk Of Disease And Infection
  • Regulate Your Body Temperature
  • Aid in weight loss- it can help you feel full if you drink a glass or two before each meal, therefore you will eat less. I’ve also read that water increases your metabolism. It sounds good to me, but I just can’t remember where I got that from.

 Most of these facts came from a blog that I stumbled upon last year, but sadly it looks like they haven’t had an article since December. I’m hoping for a new one soon.

I’m sure there are many more reasons to have an extra glass of water, so lets all get a glass and raise it up to our health! And hey if you ever see me somewhere I’ll treat you to a glass of water because I do care about your health! Have a great weekend. Drink plenty of water, move a lot and eat well.

Louisiana Osteperosis Study (You can get a $25 gift card)

Last week I participated in a bone health assessment conducted by Tulane University’s Department of Biostatistics. It is a very interesting study on osteoporosis. And I do not think I was at risk for that particular disease but I decided to participate anyways.

The part that I was most interested in was my body scan. So my bones are fine, but the test was able to calculate that percentage of fat in my different body parts and show me this creepy boy scan of a snowman looking thing and trying to convince me it was me! Ok, I’m joking it was me, but I think it looks quite similar to a snowman. Here’s the link to the snowman picture, which is hard to see and an example of one of the four scans of my bones. 20111214071846277 

Here are my fat percentages:

Left arm 41.9%
Right arm 43.7%
Trunk (mid section) 38.2%
Left leg 30.0%
Right leg 32.6%
Head 25.6%
Total 35.8%

 A healthy percentage for my age is below 31.5%. So interesting enough excluding my head, the only part of my body that has a healthy fat percentage is my left leg. But my left body has more muscle than my right even though I’m right-handed. My right leg is almost there! But that right arm? I have to work on that.

But for anyone who is interested in the study here are the details:

  • You must be 18 years old
  • No severe uncontrolled chronic diseases
  • Be willing to have blood drawn for genetic testing

The test didn’t take long at all less than an hour including everything. You get rewarded with a $25 gift card (mine was a Walmart card). The tests are given in Baton Rouge and New Orleans. You have to make an appointment for your scan though. You can contact them and ask about the Louisiana Osteoporosis Study.

Baton Rouge
3870 Convention Street
Baton Rouge, LA 70806
225-381-2721 or 225-381-2723
New Orleans
1440 Canal Street
NOLA 70112
504-988-1016 or 504-988-1056

Go out and get your bone scan and find out how healthy your bones are! Who couldn’t use a $25 gift card?

And as far as my strenuos week goes I’m hanging on. Looking forward to a victory on Saturday! I’ll tell you all about my week on Friday.


I’ve been keeping something from you

 I haven’t intentionally been keeping this from you, well at least not at first. But I think as time passed on I decided not to share because I lost hope in me winning. So what is this tidbit of information that I’ve not been upfront about? I’m in a weight loss challenge with my family.

I had a great post ready to announce it back when we started in October, but I kept waiting to get pictures of us all to add to the post and when that didn’t happen I started to give up on writing about it. When I thought about sharing the challenge again I didn’t do it because I was pretty much admitting defeat and that was not something I wanted to share with our little e-community.

But now, for some reason I’m ready to share. Most likely because I would love to get some advice for these last few weeks of this competition.

Sizing Up the Competition:

My competitors are my mom, dad, and brother. We all weighed in on October 15th and will re-weigh in the beginning of December. The winner is the person who loses the most pounds, there will be no second place or percentage wins calculated. The winner wins a nice sized pot of money that we all contributed to! I can’t think of a better motivator for me than cold hard cash, so I have no idea why I’m waiting until the last-minute to drop a few extra pounds.

Each person has a good reason they should have taken the prize, but at the beginning I was totally convinced I could come in and cause an upset anyways.

My mother has the advantage that this is her first go round at attempting to lose weight. And everyone knows at the beginning of weight loss it falls off quicker than it does once your body has gotten used to your new routines.

And then there’s my dad. He won a New Year’s weight loss challenge at his job earlier this year by dropping an amazing 50-60 pounds. (Don’t judge me because I didn’t do a fact check before writing this, my fairly accurate approximations will have to do.)So clearly he’s no stranger to dropping weight when he’s determined to do so. He was eating a very restricted diet and going to the gym sometimes twice a day. Ugh, that doesn’t look good for me. I don’t think I’m that disciplined.

Lastly and definitely not least is my brother. He didn’t start off as my pick to win this thing but he’s definitely pulling out his guns on the last stretch of this competition. He has dropped a lot of weight in the past and he’s definitely capable of doing so again. He’s a gym rat; sometimes I am sure that he and my dad may have a bed somewhere in there.

I hope everyone does well because they are my family and I love them and want them to be healthy. But hey I want to win!!! Anyone ever been in a weight loss competition? Do you have any quick pound dropping tips to share? Either Friday or Monday I’ll share my plan with y’all.

“When it hurts so bad”

I love Lauryn Hill’s album, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. I am aware that I may be one of the few people that have this album on their current playlists, but if you haven’t heard it you just don’t know what you’re missing. I remember having this album on repeat during my 8th grade band trip. I don’t remember many details of the trip other than the dreadful dresses we were required to wear and listening to this album during the long bus ride. This particular song, “When it hurts so bad” from that album comes to mind…

When it hurts so bad, when it hurts so bad
Why does it feel so good?…
What you want might make you cry
What you need might pass you by
If you don’t catch it

Being a “closet romantic” these lyrics have multiple meanings for me, but only one is relevant to this post. I often find myself humming these lyrics after or during a demanding workout. And why do you ask? It’s the sweet burn of pushing your body farther than you thought it could go and then feeling the blissful sting of soreness as a reward for your hard work. And I know that may not sound like a desirable feeing to some, but if you are a person who loves exercise as much as I do I’m sure you understand exactly what I mean. I consulted with my doctor (WebMD) for their professional opinion on the issue and here’s what they said…

“Endorphins also trigger a positive feeling in the body, similar to that of morphine. For example, the feeling that follows a run or workout is often described as “euphoric.” That feeling, known as a “runner’s high,” can be accompanied by a positive and energizing outlook on life.”

For all of you that are addicted to exercise I’m sure you can more than understand the high it gives you. I believe people can get addicted to exercise but I think only rarely that becomes a bad thing. Out of all the things in this world people could be addicted to if they chose exercise I think that’s a pretty good decision. (Except if that addiction is along with some type of eating disorder. I do NOT promote unhealthy eating habits in any way.)

Have you ever felt the painful ecstasy of a good workout? There’s no time like the present so what are you waiting for? Join the club and feel the burn! Or if you are a heavy exerciser do you agree that it’s addictive? I know I’m addicted are you? Happy Friday y’all! Let’s make this a fun and active weekend.