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Foot Problems

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This is from the group run yesterday. Can you see me? How about Dora?

Numbers-wise last week was one of the best weeks I’ve ever had on the blog! Thank you for checking it out. From the posts published last week I see that y’all must like pictures. I’ll definitely keep that in mind and try to capture and share more of my activities with you.

I told you guys about my grand plans for the weekend. And most of them were completed. However instead of doing two classes on Saturday and two workouts on Sunday I only did one each day. That makes me a little sad but I don’t really feel too bad about it because I did get my five workouts in last week.

I’m finally deciding to go to a physical therapist because this running thing isn’t going as smoothly as I think it should be going. I thought I had my foot and ankle issues together but clearly I don’t. I’ve tried many running shoes and inserts and still having issues with my feet. Yesterday during our 2 miles my feet started feeling numb. It happened last week as well but I just assumed my ankle brace was too tight so I didn’t wear it yesterday.

It really felt like one of the longest runs ever and I’ve done well over 2 miles in the past without having this type of issue. It was a painful run and I decided it’s time to seek help for this problem. Today I’ll call the physical therapist and schedule a consultation. Hopefully they can get me all fixed up and ready to RUN! I have goals I gotta accomplish and this darn foot isn’t going to hold me back any longer.


Better Late than Never

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I normally have my posts up by 9 or so but I’m sorry for the delay today. I guess it was a combination of not really having a topic in mind and just losing track of time. I still haven’t thought of a particular topic that I’d like to discuss this morning so I thought let’s just start putting words to paper and see how it goes.

This week has pretty much gone as planned as far as my workouts are concerned. I hit the gym Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. And I’m still heading there on Saturday. Today is the meet and greet for the running group I joined so I’ll be headed over there this afternoon and decided I’d rather not workout before and  go there all sweaty. And I could work out after but I know I’m going to be eating so I’ll just go ahead and be honest with myself that I will not see the gym today. But that’s ok with me because I have some great workouts planned for this weekend.

Saturday I will do a 30 min core class and an hour body combat class. I took my first body combat class last night and it’s pretty tough. I realized I’m not coordinated enough to master karate or anything like that, but it was fun. The workout is a mixture of karate, boxing and kickboxing with a very enthusiastic teacher and great music. I did not master body combat but I did try something different, have a good time and shed some calories. It was pretty tough so we’ll see if I can make it through a whole hour of that after doing the core class. *** Insert positive thoughts here***

And then after work on Sunday I’ll be headed to my beginners’ run group and then join some not so beginners for the hour speedwork session. Last week we did the stairs at the Capitol, I’m terrified excited to see what activities we’ll be doing this week.

With all this going on the weekend I am okay with giving myself today to rest for my active weekend. Counting Saturday and Sunday I’ll have 5 workouts for this week! That was my goal and I’m pretty happy that I am on track to accomplish it. But if you want to get technical I can call it 7 because Saturday I’ll be doing 2 classes and Sunday I’m doing a run and speedwork. But it doesn’t matter, 5 or 7 both are great. I hope to keep up the momentum. Summertime here I come!


Problem Solving

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I hoped you checked out my post on Monday, Vacation Sins, where I shared how my vacation went as well as some pictures from my trip. I also confessed that I didn’t exercise enough and ate much more than enough. So the first step to solving a problem is admitting that there is one. Check. So step two is to make a plan to do something about it and then the final step is to carry out your plan.

My trip ended Thursday but I did not have to go back to work until Monday. I had every intention of doing at least a small workout on Friday, but that did not happen. Ok so plan B. Saturday morning I went and did a body pump class. If you’re not familiar with that you can check out my post about it here. Bodypump always leaves me sore, exhausted, and wanting more. It may be my favorite class that I’ve ever taken. One day I’d like to teach that class… When my body gets as rock hard as the instructors I’ll be ready!

But that was Saturday. On Sunday I met up with my local Black Girls Run group for their weekly beginner’s run and speedwork. I was nervous about attending because I think everyone in a running group would probably run circles around me. But much to my surprise the group was filled with women from all different skill levels. There was a 2 mile walk/jog which was enough to get my heart pump and I could have went home after that but I stayed and decided to take part in the next activity.

Speedwork. I was a little apprehensive about what this would entail but I decided to give it a shot anyways. In my mind I picture sprints and suicides and other things that I know my body did not want to do. But we did the stairs at the state capitol. It was difficult and my body did not want to do it but I was glad I did and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for me next week. We did sets of stairs and alternated lunges, squats, push ups, etc. That was tough but worth it. I think this will be my new Sunday workout. I’m stoked about it and the group. It’s a very positive atmosphere to work out in to have so many women encouraging you and pushing you forward.

Due to my activity levels on Saturday and Sunday I did not exercise on Monday. I was so sore that I just wanted to focus on performing my day-to-day tasks without falling out somewhere. Don’t worry I’m exaggerating! But yesterday I did a core class at my gym that I enjoyed.

So the plan for the rest of the week is to do a circuit class tonight, body combat or body pump class tomorrow and possibly add the core class if I can make it. Then Friday I don’t plan to exercise but maybe I’ll do a little neighborhood 2-3 mile walk.

I think that’s a pretty good plan to right my wrongs from last week. I’m trying to get back to exercising 4-6 times a week instead of just 2 or 3. Swimsuit season will be here before I know it and I hope to be on a beach somewhere looking hot and fit. And to do so I have to buckle down and crank up the intensity.

If you’re interested in the black girls run group you can send me an email or just comment here. And FYI it’s not just for black girls! All women are welcome to join. So it would be great if you come out and meet me one Sunday or the group has various runs throughout the week for various skill levels. Come out it’ll be fun. Here’s to a great swimsuit body!


Amazing Race

I’ve been a bit under the weather this week, but I’m happy to say it didn’t hold me back too much. I was at the gym with my sniffles and all getting my cardio on! Saturday is my long awaited Amazing Raise race. I’ve been excited about it ever since I first read about it and I can’t wait to see what happens. I think it’s so exciting because it’s not your typical race. It’s not just 3.1 miles of me trying to prove I’m a runner; it’s a course through downtown that has ten obstacles and clues that you have to solve with a partner to get to the end. The unknown of those ten obstacles is really exciting me. I have no idea if they’ll be mental or physical obstacles.

When my teammate, Dora found out I was sick she said well you better get well before the race because we’re going to win. No sympathy! So I plan to do my best sick or not because this is the first race that is actually a real race. Teams coming in first, second and third place will be rewarded with prizes. And Dora has made sure to let me know that she wants to get a prize!

Wish me luck! Maybe I’ll actually get some pictures from this one to share? Get out and be active this weekend!

Lesson Learned

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This morning I totally forgot to step on the scale before I left the house today. I’m out of town so my weigh in will have to be postponed until next Monday. Honestly, I don’t think it would have went very well. But thank you God that I have another week to fix the mistakes that were made last week. I won’t disappoint myself.

Speaking of disappointments… the New Roads Fall Festival was a big one! So I got there a little tardy, as usual! But it was ok because it started about 30 minutes or so late. I was already feeling out of place because there were only about 40 or so people, which included two high school track teams. I’m thinking, ok I’m going to be last! And then a few minutes later the LSU sprint team shows up. My thoughts were ok is it too late to leave yet?

So I became a victim of my negative thoughts and had a very poor race. I do have to say I wasn’t last. Well at least not dead last! So I’ll take this as a lesson learned on how not to have a successful race. Next time preparation will be key and I will NEVER attempt any kind of race or athletic event without working out for the two weeks earlier. (I hope I don’t have to eat my words!)

My next race is the Amazing Raise Presents Battling Bratten on November 19th. It is an Amazing Race style race that is about 2 miles with at least ten challenges to complete during the course. I am excited about this one because I’ve never done this style of race before. You have to register by team if anyone’s interested in competing. Of course my teammate is Dora and I have to get my cardio up so i won’t embarrass her at the race!

I’m not going to beat myself up about the race, it is the past. I realize the mistake I made and I will try my best not to do it again. I can focus on what I can do now to prevent the past from repeating itself.  I do not have a workout plan written out for this week so I’m about to get to that now. Remember if you fail to plan then you plan to fail. So have you made your exercise plan for this week? hurry up, what are you waiting for? I’m doing mine RIGHT NOW! I gotta get ready for next Monday’s weigh in! Think happy thoughts!

Running on empty

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Saturday is my next race and I’m hoping that it goes a lot smoother than the Zombie Bash did! I am confident that there won’t be as many complications with this race because it is a Saturday morning race and we’ve done a few of those before. I think the problem with the Zombie Bash was it was our first evening race and we weren’t quite sure of the proper protocol.

So even though my last work out was last Saturday’s hike (yes I know that’s sad), I still hope I can do a fairly decent race. I would be happy shaving 3-5 minutes off my race. But I think I need to get motivated to get at least one practice 5k in before Saturday. I hate when life gets in the way of my goals. I would love to take a break from everything in my life and just focus on my fitness and weight loss goals.

When I’m in need of a little motivation I go on over to Black Girls Run, it’s a very informative blog that I read often. There I can read stories of other runners, tips on running better, and even playlists to listen to while I run. This blog is nominated in Shape magazine’s 2011 Best Fitness blogger. Check out the site and vote for them for the 2011 Shape Fitness Blogger Award.

Maybe one day I’ll be able to be nominated for a blogger award! A girl can dream! I have to run now, a long day of training. And hopefully I’ll get my butt up and run later today!

What are your favorite weight loss or fitness blogs? Do they help motivate you or just give useful information? Would you have voted for me? Vote for Black girls run! Voting ends Friday.


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This weekend is pretty big for me because it’s a pretty ambitious one. It’s my first night-time 5k. I’m excited to participate in the BR Zombie Bash. I’m not creative enough to come up with a zombie costume that’ll be comfortable enough for my race but I’ll just be in the official t-shirt. And it’s not nearly as cute as I thought it would be. I’m extremely disappointed. And this is my last weekend of my Spectrum trial so I’m going to body pump and Zumba Saturday morning. So don’t be surprised if Monday all I say is how I can’t walk very well.

This is my first race since I’ve started the couch to 5k. And I’m on the end of the fourth week, so that’s about half way through. I can’t wait to see how this app affects my time. I’ve bought new pants, bra, insoles, and shoes so there’s absolutely no excuse to not do well today. (You can read about my bra struggle, I hope this one goes well. I’ll make sure to give an update.) I am more than ready and I do expect to have a great race. Today I’m hoping to shave 3-5 minutes off my last time.

Did I mention it’s sponsored by the thirteenth gate (hunted house) and TJ Ribs? Man I’m looking forward to a few BBQ samples when I cross the finish line! I hope I save enough calories to enjoy myself! And maybe the second coolest part is after the race there will be a breakout of the Thriller dance.

Well I’m crisscrossing my good ole state of Louisiana today and I hope that doesn’t affect my race. I’ll be going from Monroe to Lafayette to Baton Rouge. And then a few hours later the race will start. Ideally I will find a nap or some down time in the day at some point, so I have to find a couch to crash on for an hour or so in the downtown area. I so miss living in the middle of the city!!!!

So I you’re in the area drop by the thirteenth gate and cheer the runners on. Even the slow barely joggers like myself! And then watch the zombies do the Thriller at 7 I believe. I think I’m going to have some fun tonight, even if I’m totally worn out afterwards.

Confession… my calorie counting didn’t go well yesterday. I have some major changes to make. My body is my master piece and a constant work in progress.

What big plans do you have for the weekend? Anyone offering a couch for me or how about an affordable mid-city real estate for me to purchase? Yes I know that’s totally off subject but that’s me, a collection of rambles! Happy Friday and make this one a good one.