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This is Cupid’s Garden in Arlington, Virginia. I was lucky enough to take a trip up to the northeast (DC, Philly, Delaware, Jersey and NY) last week. I’m sure I’ll let you know about my revelations in traveling and my new found love of big cities. I ran into this sweet spot in the suburbs of DC while taking a stroll for lunch.

This made me happy and sad all at once. The garden was amid a busy intersection and I loved the contrast of the silver sculpture surround by the different types of low lying greenery, strong and feminine tulips, and the low flirty flowers that I want to say are pansies.

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I found that a white tulip is used to symbolize worthiness. And this one obviously isn’t worthy. I feel this is quite symbolic. Surrounded by beauty and everything it needs to thrive, this lone white tulip is failing in the one thing it is alive to do… be beautiful.

Last month I wrote all about my Diet Bet, which I ended up losing. Well, it’s redemption time! I signed up for a new Diet Bet that began last Monday. I said I will not lose twice! I feel like I cheated a bit, but I decided to make sure to give myself an advantage this time. I weighed in right before I went to sleep at 269.4. The following morning the scale said 265. I knew that I would weigh heavier at night with a stomach full of food than I did the next morning, so that’s why I decided to submit my weigh in at night.

With a weigh in of 269.4, I need to weigh in at 258.6 on June 2 to win my bet. So that means I only have 6-7 pounds to drop thanks to my strategic weighing in. I feel a wee bit guilty about my sneaky tactics, so I’d like to try to get to 255 by my deadline. It’s been quite a while since I’ve been in the 250s and I have to say I’m quite excited about this very real possibility.

The lone white tulip only needs some time and attention, and that’s exactly what I need as well. A little hard work and careful planning will get me back on track, and hopefully with a little more cash in my pockets! Take the time out this week to stop and smell the flowers! It’s spring time and in south Louisiana the weather is gorgeous, so have a nice week and talk to you soon!


Traveling and weight loss

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This past week I was traveling and didn’t exactly get 8 workouts I was aiming for, so I decided to go back to the drawing board. Instead of requiring a certain amount of workouts per week, I will set a goal of how many hours I’d like to exercise per week. This week I am trying to meet a weight goal that I set so I want to exercise at least 10% of my waking hours. So I calculated I need to exercise 11.2 hours this week (assuming 8 hours of sleep per day). To keep it simple I’ll aim for 11.5 hours this week.

While traveling, I found the most important thing was preparation. My flight departed at 10 am and wouldn’t arrive in Nebraska until 4pm. I could either trust myself to eat well in the airport or I can pack a lunch. And guess what I did? I packed fruit, wraps and 100 calorie pack snacks so that I could avoid temptation. And thankfully it worked.   But the problem was I did not come up with a plan for the rest of the week. So my day of preparation was no match from my weekend of careless eating and heavy drinking.

160 calories fruit and cheese pack

180 calories fruit and cheese pack


Walmart’s turkey pinwheels. 440 calories

So I weighed in at 263.4 on March 30th, but weighed in at a whopping 267 pounds on March 30th (after my trip). I’m not blaming the total 3.4 pounds on margaritas and red wine, but it surely didn’t help. I’m glad to report I weighed in at 263.6 this morning. For my next trip, I have to plan MUCH better. Not only for the airport, but for my whole stay. When I come up with my brilliant plan, I’ll make sure to let you in on my secret. I do not trust myself to make good decisions when temptation is in my face.

That’s the goal and I’m slowly working on it, but honestly, I’m not there yet so preparation is my weapon. Here’s some pictures from the most amazing trip I ever had. Not only did I get to meet Warren Buffet, tour three of his companies, have lunch and chat with him, BUT I got to meet Tom Arnold as well. It’s refreshing to be surrounded by so many professionals with different backgrounds and experiences to share. I am definitely getting a lot of this program.

Here’s some pictures from the most amazing trip I’ve ever had (even if it lead to weight gain)