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21 in 21

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March to May

March 18 to May 20

Last Tuesday I realized there were only 21 days left in my diet bet and it was time to get things moving. Literally.

For the next 21 days I have to do cardio. Every. Single. Day. I can either walk 2 miles, do 30 minutes of cardio in addition to a weight or another type of workout, or do an hour of cardio.

So far it’s been good. I’ve only taken one day off last Friday and that was just because I was being lazy. Other than that one day off the past week has been great. I weighed in at 259.2 this morning! I don’t even have a whole pound to lose and 12 days to do it! I’m feeling good.

I started last Tuesday by walking 2.5 miles at my neighborhood park then Wednesday I completed 60 minutes of cardio on the treadmill, elliptical, cross trainer and rowing machine. Thursday I spent an hour and a half of yard work. That’s pretty much my rotation, some days in the gym and some days walking.

This Saturday is my kayaking trip, FINALLY! I hope this trip won’t end like my last blind kayaking adventure! It’s a good time, great people, and an awesome workout. It’s great to have an active lifestyle again. But can I say how excited I am to be back in the 250s? After getting all the way up to 278 it’s great to break the 260s!

It looks like I’m going to win my bet! I just have to keep doing exactly what I’ve been doing. I haven’t just been upping my cardio, but I’m also eating much better… Post to follow!

Operation 21 workouts in 21 days in full effect! Care to join?



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It’s my anniversary! I started this blog by posting, My official declaration on August 22, 2011. Man, I remember all the emotions I was feeling as I typed that post up in my hotel room in Monroe, Louisiana. And funny enough two years later I’m posting again from a hotel in Monroe, Louisiana.

As I look back on the last two years of my life, I realize they have been filled with life altering events, many firsts, lots of emotion, love and heartbreak. I’ve come a long way and done so much. If you would have told me two years ago that I’d be sitting in a hotel and as heavy as I am today I wouldn’t believe you. Even though I let myself gain the weight, I think that I am such a stronger person than I was 730 days ago. I know that I can turn this around and take hold of my health because at this point it’s definitely not just me wanting to look better or buy pretty clothes but my weight is at the point where it affects my health and my day to day life.

A few months ago I called to get life insurance. The representative I talked to asked me my weight and I said about 260. During that call she asked me at least three times if I was sure that I weighed 260. And I began to get offended and said yes and I was rounding up just to be sure. She then let me know that 260 is the cut off point and they don’t offer insurance to people who weigh more than that. My quote was so high I did not purchase insurance. How awful is it that I can’t get life insurance at my current weight or if it’s offered I can’t afford it?

It is customary to celebrate anniversaries, so today I’m going to celebrate mine at the gym! I can’t let myself turn 30 (in a year and a half) tiptoeing around 300 pounds. There’s no reason for my five foot five frame to be holding that much weight.

So today, I’m going to declare to do better. I will not be this heavy in two years. I will not be this heavy next year! I’m ready to get serious, because if I don’t get serious about changing my life then I am essentially giving up on myself and that’s not about to happen. One day obesity related diseases will not be a threat to me at all.

Cheers to my anniversary y’all! Celebrate with me by going out and burning some calories for me!

I have to add that I started a post that I was supposed to put up last Monday that said what I’ve been doing and where I revealed my weight. Logically it should have come before this post, but I couldn’t miss my anniversary! So look for me to update that post so I can let you all know what’s been going on in my little corner of this world annnnnnnnnnnnnndddddddddddddddd how much I weigh. Talk to you soon, have a great weekend!


Happy Monday Peeps

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I have to admit I had a really rough weekend, but I’m up and working so there’s a reason to be happy. Every new day is full of endless possibilities. And boy I’m hoping for some good ones. But enough of the sob story… I’ll leave that in the past where it belongs.

I woke up this morning with AWESOME sheets, food in my fridge and gas in my car. For all of those small things I’m grateful. I can’t take for granted the little things in my life. But I am ecstatic that I stepped on the scale this morning and I’ve lost 7.2 pounds! 20 days and 7 pounds, I’ll take that. I’ll take it and keep running with it. Or actually nowadays I do a lot more walking than running. (Truth: I don’t run, EVER!) But hopefully one day my fitness level will improve so that I can start jogging again without feeling like I am dying.

Now that I have some success with my methods, I plan to continue to forge ahead and tweak my program a bit so I can continue to see results.

I have been cooking a lot more. I cook 3-5 meals a week. It just depends how much I like something and if I want to eat the leftovers or not. This week I’m really craving spaghetti and I think I may do real noodles (whole wheat) instead of tofu noodles. That’ll be a real treat! Today I’m having leftover pot roast, potatoes, and carrots.

This week my menu will include shrimp and grits, cauliflower crust pizza, lentils and sausage, and a pasta and veggie bake. I am consciously keeping my red meat consumption to a minimum this week because last week I kind of got out of hand. Hopefully I can fit all that in but it does seem like a bit much for one person to eat. I may take off the shrimp and grits if I’m craving leftovers from another day. I love my pasta bake. It’s basically a baked ziti with whatever veggies I have on hand, ground turkey, pasta sauce and cheese. Super easy and so delish!

And as far as exercise goes, I plan to have at least three workouts this week. Ideally I’ll be able to do four: two walks and two strength exercise days. I’m so proud of myself that I was normally doing between 2 & 2.5 miles as my norm but now I’m doing 3.25- 3.75 each time. I like this new normal. I just have to work on doing them a little faster but I’m more than happy with this mileage. When I get down to a strict 3 walks a day then I’ll be at about 10 miles a week. My goal is to comfortably do 12-15 miles a week. But all in due time, I’m quite happy with my progress.

I hope you had a great weekend, but if not let’s just prepare for a great week! I’m just going to claim it in advance.

Show me the money

And the pot of moolah goes to… yours truly! Am I excited that I won the challenge? Absolutely. Even though I felt like my competitors did not give it their all. But I am happy regardless. I could have done better and they could have done better.

I consider myself  a woman of my word. Since I won my competition, you can win a part of my pot as well. I will be giving away $25 cash reward (via Paypal). I know it’s a small amount but hey I do what I can people! This is my small way to say thanks to all of you that support what I am trying to do with my blog and myself.

The Contest:

For people not subscribed to the blog, all you have to do is subscribe and make a commentletting me know you’s like me to show you the money. If you’re already subscribed to the blog, simply comment on any of the blog posts this week letting me know that they are interested in winning the prize. Simple enough? I think so. The winner will be announced on Monday’s post.

Entries must be made by Monday morning at 8am central time.  And the winner will be randomly drawn by hand or I think it’ll be more exciting to do a good old hand drawing but I’ll leave my options open!

If the winner isn’t set up for PayPal and would like me to mail an electronic gift card of some type then that would be fine as well. They can just let me know where they would like the gift card from.

This is my first giveaway so I think I covered everything. If I missed something just let me know. Good luck!

And if anyone would like a 30 day free trial to Foxy’s Fitness (here in Baton Rouge just let me know. I have about five of those and they’ll go to the first people who ask. It’s a 30 day trial that you have to start by January 31st. I don’t want them to go to waste so just send me an email if you want one or two!

Starting small

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I’m happy that I finally worked out yesterday! Yay for me, but please hold your applause. I accidentally ate meat yesterday. You may ask how do you accidentally eat meat? Well, I ordered something that I thought was vegetarian and it turned out that when I bit into it there was beef. Oops! I thought it was funny actually. I was starving and headed to an appointment so I just went with it. I’m not going to beat myself up about it.

But back to my workout, it was fun. I guess that’s what I needed to get my booty up and make me sweat. I tried a new Zumba class from a Groupon I purchased a week or so ago. This was probably my favorite Zumba instructor I’ve taken so far. I’ve taken Zumba classes from four or five different instructors and they’ve all been slightly different experiences, but all have been enjoyable.

One teacher I really didn’t enjoy her music that much, a little too much salsa and Latin music for my taste. Another was a really hard workout but it just wasn’t as fun as the others. Dana at Wild Tiger Yoga was my favorite because the she was so into it. She was signing along to all the songs, she’s a great dancer, and I felt like we were doing choreography in a music video. What girl doesn’t dance in the mirror at some point at pretend she’s in a music video? I know I can’t be alone on that one.

My Groupon was for three classes, and I would love to do more but I just don’t think it’s that realistic for me. The place is more than thirty minutes away from my home and the only times I can make it there are after my second job and that’s a very high traffic time. Yesterday it took me 35 minutes to get from my client’s house to the yoga studio. And it was only ten miles away. Yeah I don’t see myself volunteering to sit in that traffic every week. But if it was closer I definitely would have added it to my weekly regiment.

Working out was a small victory, but doesn’t everything start small? I’m going to build on that and keep the momentum going. I’m focused and ready! Are you?






Trying to Re-focus

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Today’s weight came in at 229.2. Although it’s still coming off (down 2.4 pounds from last week) I can’t say that I’m pleased with my progress. I am doing well with my eating and fasting challenge. But I haven’t been exercising. When I have free time I can’t will myself to get up and go to the gym or even get up and move my body. When I’m home I’m pretty much in the bed (or on the couch) and I don’t want to move from my designated spot.

These last two weeks I may have realized that I’m not the best multitasker. I attempted to engage in two different challenges and I ended up failing at one. I started my fast on November 21st. My first week started well but then ended terribly. The following week actually went really well. But In that last week of November I didn’t exercise at all. Do you remember my challenge of 30 minutes of activity every day for 30 days in November? Yeah that didn’t go too well. So do I try again or admit defeat and let it go?

I can’t focus. I haven’t exercised in a couple of weeks and clearly my body is not happy with me. I feel like I’m exhausted all day every day. I guess it’s time to regroup and figure out how to combat this. I don’t sleep very well. I work 6 days a week and when I’m not working I really don’t feel up to doing anything at all. What’s the solution?

Friday I didn’t write a post and I didn’t realize that until early Friday evening. With all that’s going on I have to sit back and figure out what’s most important to me. I honestly can’t say I’m trying my best in any aspect of my life. So am I okay with doing the minimum at everything or do I want to clear my plate off a bit and focus on doing well at a few things?

I’ve been keeping something from you

 I haven’t intentionally been keeping this from you, well at least not at first. But I think as time passed on I decided not to share because I lost hope in me winning. So what is this tidbit of information that I’ve not been upfront about? I’m in a weight loss challenge with my family.

I had a great post ready to announce it back when we started in October, but I kept waiting to get pictures of us all to add to the post and when that didn’t happen I started to give up on writing about it. When I thought about sharing the challenge again I didn’t do it because I was pretty much admitting defeat and that was not something I wanted to share with our little e-community.

But now, for some reason I’m ready to share. Most likely because I would love to get some advice for these last few weeks of this competition.

Sizing Up the Competition:

My competitors are my mom, dad, and brother. We all weighed in on October 15th and will re-weigh in the beginning of December. The winner is the person who loses the most pounds, there will be no second place or percentage wins calculated. The winner wins a nice sized pot of money that we all contributed to! I can’t think of a better motivator for me than cold hard cash, so I have no idea why I’m waiting until the last-minute to drop a few extra pounds.

Each person has a good reason they should have taken the prize, but at the beginning I was totally convinced I could come in and cause an upset anyways.

My mother has the advantage that this is her first go round at attempting to lose weight. And everyone knows at the beginning of weight loss it falls off quicker than it does once your body has gotten used to your new routines.

And then there’s my dad. He won a New Year’s weight loss challenge at his job earlier this year by dropping an amazing 50-60 pounds. (Don’t judge me because I didn’t do a fact check before writing this, my fairly accurate approximations will have to do.)So clearly he’s no stranger to dropping weight when he’s determined to do so. He was eating a very restricted diet and going to the gym sometimes twice a day. Ugh, that doesn’t look good for me. I don’t think I’m that disciplined.

Lastly and definitely not least is my brother. He didn’t start off as my pick to win this thing but he’s definitely pulling out his guns on the last stretch of this competition. He has dropped a lot of weight in the past and he’s definitely capable of doing so again. He’s a gym rat; sometimes I am sure that he and my dad may have a bed somewhere in there.

I hope everyone does well because they are my family and I love them and want them to be healthy. But hey I want to win!!! Anyone ever been in a weight loss competition? Do you have any quick pound dropping tips to share? Either Friday or Monday I’ll share my plan with y’all.