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Let’s not make this a trend

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I had a so-so week last week. My dieting wasn’t horrible, but definitely wasn’t post worthy. And then I may have exercised 3 or 4 times, which isn’t horrible either, but not exactly measuring up to my goal for last week.

Then came the weekend… I spent Friday night in New Orleans with a friend who’s friend was coming in town and wanted to party it up in Nola (abbreviation locals use for New Orleans, Louisiana). I had my mind set that I’d have two or three drinks at the most and then eat reasonably well. I started the night by having shrimp and grits for dinner and then bought mini bottles of wine for everyone. Man that was an unnecessary pre-gamer! I’ll save the details of the night and my good girl reputation by saying that I had a good night and even managed to stay well behaved!

And then Saturday night, I went out with my family to a Hibachi dinner for my nephew’s birthday. There I managed to eat lots of veggies and about half of my rice, but then I had the bright idea of getting my nephew some ice cream and having everyone over to my place. Well ice cream turned into ice cream, cake, party masks, candles, and alcohol. Deep sigh. My family was not helping with my weight loss efforts! I did manage to avoid alcohol the whole night, but man I surely didn’t avoid the ice cream and cake. I may have went a bit overboard.

With all my confessions out in the open it should come as no surprise that I weighed in at 260 this morning. Deep sigh again! That was my confession, and now that this has been aired it’s solution time. Since my last Dietbet went so well, I’ve decided to start another one. I am a bit apprehensive because this one has already started, so I won’t have as much time as the other participants and this is a little sooner than I wanted to start another one. But I said I would not go back to the 260s, and now that I have there’s no time for playing around, something must be done immediately!

I’m going to sign up for the bet and go ahead and weigh in this week. The last one went so well, I can only hope the next does also.

Started from the bottom, now I’m still here. Happy Tuesday y’all! Practice consistency! Do as I say, not as I do!




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About a month ago, I got an email from a friend that asked if I was interested in participating in a dit bet. I looked it up and thought this really seemed right up my alley.

I love the tagline on the Dietbet app… “Lose weight with your friends while taking their money.”

The premise of this website is to encourage people to lose weight through betting their own money on their success. My particular game lasts for one month and you are required to lose 4%  of your body weight for a $25 bet. Y’all know I’m unemployed now so I NEED to win my money back!

I’m doing a “Kickstarter” which is 4% in 4 weeks. The other type of bet is the “Transformer” which is 10% in 6 months. If you enter and don’t meet your goal, you lose your money. But if you meet your goal, you win the pot minus the fee Dietbet charges. The fee that Dietbet charges for my particular game is about 10% percent of the total pot, but they guarantee you will at least get the amount you put in for a bet back. (They will adjust their fees so you won’t lose money if the payout ends up being less than what was paid to get in the game.)

People can create their own games or join one of the many open games that are started by Jillian Michaels, Chris Powell, bloggers and regular people. I thought it seemed pretty legit and was anxious to try and win some money.

My game has 707 players and a pot of $17,700, and the Dietbet fee is 1770, so that leaves a pot of $15930 to be divided amongst the winners. If 75% of people (531 people) then my take would be $30. Nothing to get excited about, but that’ll be $5 profit, which is about 20% return on my investment, not to mention the benefit of improved health that comes with dropping almost 11 pounds. So if only half of the people registered meet their goals then my share would be $50! Doubling my investment is definitely something to get excited about. So I’m going to have to hope that at least half of the people don’t meet their goal… I know that’s horrible of me isn’t it?

On March 5th I weighed in at 271.2 and in order to win the bet, had to weigh 260.2 by this Sunday. This morning I weighed in at 262.4, I think that’s a little too close for comfort. But I really let my weekend really derailed me and left me farther from my goal than I’d like. my trainer seems to believe that it’s possible, and I know my weight fluctuates almost daily so I just have to hope that when I weigh in the scale is being kind! 2.2 pounds in two days may sound far fetched, but I weighed 265.4 yesterday morning.

Are you nervous for me? I am. I thought oh I can lose 10.8 pounds in a month, no problem. But the problem comes with all of the fluctuations. FRUSTRATING! So hopefully on April 4th I’ll be having a “light day” or I lose so much weight that my little 1-3 pound fluctuations won’t even negatively affect my goal.

I’ll definitely let you know the results either way, I’m hoping for the best!

Standing in the Present

Last week I showed a throwback picture of how 219 looked on me and said I missed that but I realized most of you don’t know what 270 looks like on me. So here I am all 270ish pounds of glory.

I’ve noticed that it was very difficult to find pictures of me at this size. I have plenty of pictures when I was smaller, but it turns out I shy away from cameras nowadays. It is hard for me to see myself in this unfamiliar body. But I managed to dig up a few pictures to share today.

Here’s the most recent pic I can find of myself. It was taken last month at the Red dress Run in New Orleans.


I found this Saint Patty’s Day picture on Instagram and I wanted to share you guys my cute little costar. I wanted to take him home, but with a $1500 price tag I had to give him back to his owners. I intentionally cropped my bulging tummy out of this pic before I posted it to Instagram and I can’t find the original to share with you… Sorry. Well not so much!



Since I can not seem to find a body shot of me, here’s a quick mirror pic I snapped. Please excuse the poor quality, bad lighting and messy hair. I literally woke up and took a picture. One day I will get better at the quality of photos I share.


This person doesn’t look at all like the person in the throwback pictures. But you know what, she will. I’m working on it. This Monday’s weigh in was 270.6. That’s 3.6 pounds closer to a healthier me. It’s funny how the small bit of effort I’m making is working out so well. My next post I can get into some of the things I’ve been doing and not doing. This is progress, but there’s still plenty of room for improvement.

I would love to stay and chat longer, but every room in my house is a disaster zone. How does a person’s unused guest room look like a hurricane came through it??? NEGLECT. So today is all about the house and of course studying. I bet I can burn plenty of calories straightening up this mess. And the grass is just calling my name. I’ve realized that it doesn’t cut itself and cutting every other week just isn’t acceptable when most of my neighbors have a weekly lawn service. I’ve come to realize my definition of success will be obtained when I can afford to have a weekly lawn service, bimonthly housekeeper and a trainer. That’s when I know I’ve made it, but until then I’m making it. I’m the housekeeper, lawn guy, trainer, employee and student.

Many of you have to wear many hats as well, so let’s take it one task at a time and one day at a time. Have a good weekend everyone.


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I’m pleased to say that I’ve lost 5 pounds since I was supposed to post my last weigh in two weeks ago! That’s some really good news. I was weighing in at 279.4, but this morning I hopped on the scale and was down to 274.4. That’s still a huge number that I’m not quite comfortable with but at least it’s going in the right direction.

For the past year I’ve been pretty much ignoring my weight and letting it spiral out of control. I have felt guilty for not stepping on the scale because I didn’t want to face reality. My clothes were getting tighter and tighter and my energy level was only getting lower. I didn’t know my exact weight, but I knew it wasn’t going to be pretty. I thought that I do a lot of walking on my job and cutting grass every week would be all the exercise I needed. But clearly I was wrong.

Now that I have to make some pretty big adjustments in my life I thought it would be a great time to add some exercise and healthy eating to the mix. I have to make time for school because I have been accepted to the Professional MBA program at LSU and I couldn’t be more excited.

I will be going to school after work Monday and Tuesday evenings from 6-9:15, so I’m not even going to try to act like I’ll be doing any exercise on those days. But I can try to eat healthier breakfasts and lunches. We are served a full three course meal each day before class. Whose idea was it to feed us before a 3 hour evening class? I think they are just asking to put us to sleep, so that’s another reason I try to take a light serving of the carbs and steer clear of the sweets. The past few evenings I’ve caved in to bread twice and have avoided dessert. But these meals are usually pretty heavy so I try to make sure that at least half of my plate is covered with vegetables or salad. I don’t plan to skimp dessert every single time, but I think it’s a good practice to start.

My hope is that adding school and everything that comes along with it will make me plan better and map out specific times to exercise. The goal is two workouts per week not including walking to do inspections during work or cutting grass. That should be a good start to my recommitment.

I’m super excited about school so I hope some of this excited/nervous energy can make me get my butt up and do some exercise. My fingers are crossed. And I can’t forget… GEAUX TIGERS!!!


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It’s my anniversary! I started this blog by posting, My official declaration on August 22, 2011. Man, I remember all the emotions I was feeling as I typed that post up in my hotel room in Monroe, Louisiana. And funny enough two years later I’m posting again from a hotel in Monroe, Louisiana.

As I look back on the last two years of my life, I realize they have been filled with life altering events, many firsts, lots of emotion, love and heartbreak. I’ve come a long way and done so much. If you would have told me two years ago that I’d be sitting in a hotel and as heavy as I am today I wouldn’t believe you. Even though I let myself gain the weight, I think that I am such a stronger person than I was 730 days ago. I know that I can turn this around and take hold of my health because at this point it’s definitely not just me wanting to look better or buy pretty clothes but my weight is at the point where it affects my health and my day to day life.

A few months ago I called to get life insurance. The representative I talked to asked me my weight and I said about 260. During that call she asked me at least three times if I was sure that I weighed 260. And I began to get offended and said yes and I was rounding up just to be sure. She then let me know that 260 is the cut off point and they don’t offer insurance to people who weigh more than that. My quote was so high I did not purchase insurance. How awful is it that I can’t get life insurance at my current weight or if it’s offered I can’t afford it?

It is customary to celebrate anniversaries, so today I’m going to celebrate mine at the gym! I can’t let myself turn 30 (in a year and a half) tiptoeing around 300 pounds. There’s no reason for my five foot five frame to be holding that much weight.

So today, I’m going to declare to do better. I will not be this heavy in two years. I will not be this heavy next year! I’m ready to get serious, because if I don’t get serious about changing my life then I am essentially giving up on myself and that’s not about to happen. One day obesity related diseases will not be a threat to me at all.

Cheers to my anniversary y’all! Celebrate with me by going out and burning some calories for me!

I have to add that I started a post that I was supposed to put up last Monday that said what I’ve been doing and where I revealed my weight. Logically it should have come before this post, but I couldn’t miss my anniversary! So look for me to update that post so I can let you all know what’s been going on in my little corner of this world annnnnnnnnnnnnndddddddddddddddd how much I weigh. Talk to you soon, have a great weekend!


On the right track

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I was having a hard time pulling myself out of bed this morning and due to that fact stepping on the scale was the last thing on my mind. I’m normally not a snoozer and when I do so it almost always leads to a late and sluggish start to my morning. I think the problem is I’m not a five or ten minute snoozer; I’m a twenty or thirty minute snoozer. And the funny part is I’m usually not getting any extra shut eye. I’m either lying in the bed watching the morning news or checking my email. With that not-so0brief disclaimer out of the way, I can share my weight for last week that I didn’t get a chance to post up.

Last Monday I weighed in at 257.8 pounds. That was an easy 1.8 pounds down from the previous week. All I did was make a few changes that I felt were relatively east to sustain. I stopped drinking all beverages except for water, stopped eating at 8pm every night, and took the stairs instead of elevator whenever possible. I added more vegetables to my daily diet and vowed no fast food.

The only one of those I had a problem with was not taking the elevator. I only broke that rule two or three times (including this morning), but I think that’s really significant because I didn’t break the other rules even once. This morning I saw my normal parking spot by the stairs was occupied, so I parked by the front door and said oh well to the stairwell. Not buying my excuse? Ah well me neither. I was just being lazy this morning.

In order to keep the momentum up I vowed to work out at least twice last week, and I was able to stay true to that. Wednesday evening I went to my gym for the first time in months. It was hard psychologically at first, but when I got in there I just did some light cardio and was glad that I did. And then Saturday morning I attended a spinning class which was pretty good.

This week I will continue all the things I’ve done for the past couple weeks, but I’m going to New Orleans and I’ve decided I can finally drink something other than water. I just don’t feel their tap is up to par with ours and I hardly ever order a glass of water when I’m eating out there. And anyone who’s ever been to New Orleans knows there’s a lot of eating out done there! So that’s my challenge this week… don’t let my eating out get the best of me. Make better decisions at restaurants and I’ll make sure to keep you updated on how that goes for me.

I’m on the right track and I’m glad I decided to take things slowly this time around. I had to realize that just because pushing myself really hard worked the first time it doesn’t mean it’ll work this time. And if we’re just being honest here I guess it really didn’t work the first time because I wasn’t able to sustain the loss. Now I’m looking for a more permanent fix, I don’t want to be the girl that yo-yos up and down. I’d much rather just take it off slowly. So that’s what I’m going to do! I have a coworker who has lost over 100 pounds and was able to keep it off over the years. Her advice to me was everyday you have to make a decision. I decide not to eat that cake when everyone is celebrating. I decided to eat like the 130 pound me I want to be and not the 260 pound girl I once was, because I know if I eat like her I will start to look like her again. I know this will always be a struggle for me because that person is inside of me and I will have to fight her every day for the rest of my life.

Talking to her I realized what my problem was, even though I didn’t reach my goal weight I thought that fixing my weight problem was a one-time issue. I’d lose the weight and just not have to deal with it anymore. But the truth is no matter if I reach my goal weight I will have to fight to stay there and to stay healthy. Reality is I’m not a naturally thin gal. I have to fight genetics, nature and my norms to get to where I want to be and stay there. This battle will never be over, but it can come to a truce when I learn how to manage it properly.

Has anyone out there been able to sustain their weight loss over the years? What are the challenges you face doing so and how do you overcome them?

A Walmart Wake-up Call

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So I’ve been hiding out, and for a good reason (at least in my head). I’m quite ashamed of what I’ve done to myself. I weighed in Monday at 259.6 pounds. That’s the first time I’ve gotten on the scale in months because I didn’t want to put a number on what my wardrobe already told me. I’ve been ignoring all the daily emails I get from Shape, Prevention and, those same emails that I used to go through daily searching for tips and tricks to help me along my journey.

But I got lost on the way and ended up nearly exactly where I started. I realized that I needed to write about it today after I went on a quick Walmart run and it left me out of breath. No wonder I don’t want to go out and be young because just a simple trip leaves me struggling to gain my composure. Did I turn into that fat girl? I remember I decided I couldn’t date a guy any longer because he struggled taking a short walk with me, and now I think I may look him up because we seem to be a perfect match.

But seriously I’ve never had this issue before, but it feels like when I’m walking I’m carrying a sack of bricks with me. And in some sense I am. All these extra pounds my body has to carry daily is doing so much damage to me physically, mentally, and emotionally.

And for all of you worriers out there, I am making a doctor’s appointment for next week as soon as I get back in town to discuss these issues with my doctor and make sure the only thing going on is the extra weight and not anything more serious.

But my Walmart trip was definitely a wake up call for me. I’ve been telling myself that I can’t continue to live like this for a while now, but my voice has not been louder than a slight whisper. Today I just don’t feel comfortable doing a minor task, so that definitely was the shout I needed to get back in gear. I’ll share later this week on how I plan on getting back to that fit and confident girl I once was. It’s not going to be easy, but I know it’s necessary.