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Let’s not make this a trend

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I had a so-so week last week. My dieting wasn’t horrible, but definitely wasn’t post worthy. And then I may have exercised 3 or 4 times, which isn’t horrible either, but not exactly measuring up to my goal for last week.

Then came the weekend… I spent Friday night in New Orleans with a friend who’s friend was coming in town and wanted to party it up in Nola (abbreviation locals use for New Orleans, Louisiana). I had my mind set that I’d have two or three drinks at the most and then eat reasonably well. I started the night by having shrimp and grits for dinner and then bought mini bottles of wine for everyone. Man that was an unnecessary pre-gamer! I’ll save the details of the night and my good girl reputation by saying that I had a good night and even managed to stay well behaved!

And then Saturday night, I went out with my family to a Hibachi dinner for my nephew’s birthday. There I managed to eat lots of veggies and about half of my rice, but then I had the bright idea of getting my nephew some ice cream and having everyone over to my place. Well ice cream turned into ice cream, cake, party masks, candles, and alcohol. Deep sigh. My family was not helping with my weight loss efforts! I did manage to avoid alcohol the whole night, but man I surely didn’t avoid the ice cream and cake. I may have went a bit overboard.

With all my confessions out in the open it should come as no surprise that I weighed in at 260 this morning. Deep sigh again! That was my confession, and now that this has been aired it’s solution time. Since my last Dietbet went so well, I’ve decided to start another one. I am a bit apprehensive because this one has already started, so I won’t have as much time as the other participants and this is a little sooner than I wanted to start another one. But I said I would not go back to the 260s, and now that I have there’s no time for playing around, something must be done immediately!

I’m going to sign up for the bet and go ahead and weigh in this week. The last one went so well, I can only hope the next does also.

Started from the bottom, now I’m still here. Happy Tuesday y’all! Practice consistency! Do as I say, not as I do!



I’ve been keeping something from you

 I haven’t intentionally been keeping this from you, well at least not at first. But I think as time passed on I decided not to share because I lost hope in me winning. So what is this tidbit of information that I’ve not been upfront about? I’m in a weight loss challenge with my family.

I had a great post ready to announce it back when we started in October, but I kept waiting to get pictures of us all to add to the post and when that didn’t happen I started to give up on writing about it. When I thought about sharing the challenge again I didn’t do it because I was pretty much admitting defeat and that was not something I wanted to share with our little e-community.

But now, for some reason I’m ready to share. Most likely because I would love to get some advice for these last few weeks of this competition.

Sizing Up the Competition:

My competitors are my mom, dad, and brother. We all weighed in on October 15th and will re-weigh in the beginning of December. The winner is the person who loses the most pounds, there will be no second place or percentage wins calculated. The winner wins a nice sized pot of money that we all contributed to! I can’t think of a better motivator for me than cold hard cash, so I have no idea why I’m waiting until the last-minute to drop a few extra pounds.

Each person has a good reason they should have taken the prize, but at the beginning I was totally convinced I could come in and cause an upset anyways.

My mother has the advantage that this is her first go round at attempting to lose weight. And everyone knows at the beginning of weight loss it falls off quicker than it does once your body has gotten used to your new routines.

And then there’s my dad. He won a New Year’s weight loss challenge at his job earlier this year by dropping an amazing 50-60 pounds. (Don’t judge me because I didn’t do a fact check before writing this, my fairly accurate approximations will have to do.)So clearly he’s no stranger to dropping weight when he’s determined to do so. He was eating a very restricted diet and going to the gym sometimes twice a day. Ugh, that doesn’t look good for me. I don’t think I’m that disciplined.

Lastly and definitely not least is my brother. He didn’t start off as my pick to win this thing but he’s definitely pulling out his guns on the last stretch of this competition. He has dropped a lot of weight in the past and he’s definitely capable of doing so again. He’s a gym rat; sometimes I am sure that he and my dad may have a bed somewhere in there.

I hope everyone does well because they are my family and I love them and want them to be healthy. But hey I want to win!!! Anyone ever been in a weight loss competition? Do you have any quick pound dropping tips to share? Either Friday or Monday I’ll share my plan with y’all.