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21 in 21

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March to May

March 18 to May 20

Last Tuesday I realized there were only 21 days left in my diet bet and it was time to get things moving. Literally.

For the next 21 days I have to do cardio. Every. Single. Day. I can either walk 2 miles, do 30 minutes of cardio in addition to a weight or another type of workout, or do an hour of cardio.

So far it’s been good. I’ve only taken one day off last Friday and that was just because I was being lazy. Other than that one day off the past week has been great. I weighed in at 259.2 this morning! I don’t even have a whole pound to lose and 12 days to do it! I’m feeling good.

I started last Tuesday by walking 2.5 miles at my neighborhood park then Wednesday I completed 60 minutes of cardio on the treadmill, elliptical, cross trainer and rowing machine. Thursday I spent an hour and a half of yard work. That’s pretty much my rotation, some days in the gym and some days walking.

This Saturday is my kayaking trip, FINALLY! I hope this trip won’t end like my last blind kayaking adventure! It’s a good time, great people, and an awesome workout. It’s great to have an active lifestyle again. But can I say how excited I am to be back in the 250s? After getting all the way up to 278 it’s great to break the 260s!

It looks like I’m going to win my bet! I just have to keep doing exactly what I’ve been doing. I haven’t just been upping my cardio, but I’m also eating much better… Post to follow!

Operation 21 workouts in 21 days in full effect! Care to join?


Cutting Calories

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This week went well, I focused on cutting my daily calorie consumption. I wanted to avoid making any huge changes to my life, but make small gradual changes that will be easier for me to maintain over a long period of time. What was the plan?

Well I decided to drink only water this week because I was getting too accustomed to drinking lemonade, Gatorade and other sugar-loaded beverages. A 32 oz Gatorade has an astonishing 56 grams of sugar! That’s equivalent to 13 teaspoons of sugar I was drinking daily (and sometimes twice daily). So just eliminating one a day for seven days is saving me 1,400 calories and 392 grams of sugar! That’s almost a pound every three weeks I was drinking in just Gatorade! (3,500 calories is equal to a pound)  No wonder why the pounds were piling on, that’s not even counting the cranberry juice and other drinks.

I’m not trying to eliminate beverages from my diet forever, but if I retrain my body to crave water I’m hoping it’ll curb my cravings for all the sugar loaded crap. There was a time when I mostly had only water, and then I was on better terms with my friend Mr. Scale.

The other simple change I made this week was not eating out. I think it made it harder that I was out-of-town and couldn’t run to a fast food joint on my way back to the hotel in the afternoon. But Monday morning I headed out to the grocery store and picked up a variety of fruit, plenty of water and a few Lean Cuisines. I did have a kitchen in my room but I did not feel like using the stove at all this week. By the way the Lean Cuisine pizza is quite tasty. I didn’t even miss the burger and fries I would have had instead.

My next challenge will be how well I eat when I’m back in the office next week. I work in a part of town that’s filled with many restaurants that I love to frequent as well many tasty fast food restaurants nearby. So next week I’ll try to focus and work out a new game plan so next week will go as good as this one did.

Another small changes I made this week were to make sure I took the stairs instead of the elevator, I’m only on the third floor so that didn’t take too much extra effort- I just had to overcome the lazy girl inside of me that glanced over at the elevator every time I left my room. I looked it up and it seems that didn’t burn many calories (estimates show 15-25), but I felt like I was improving my stamina. Towards the end of the week I wasn’t as winded as I was on Monday. So hopefully no more shortness of breath on Walmart runs?

Everything happens for a reason and I’m glad that I had that wakeup call in Walmart, it made me get serious and open my eyes to what I was doing to myself… I’m glad to be back and thank you for coming back with me. Have a great weekend! And let’s all keep the Gatorade to a minimum!

A Walmart Wake-up Call

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So I’ve been hiding out, and for a good reason (at least in my head). I’m quite ashamed of what I’ve done to myself. I weighed in Monday at 259.6 pounds. That’s the first time I’ve gotten on the scale in months because I didn’t want to put a number on what my wardrobe already told me. I’ve been ignoring all the daily emails I get from Shape, Prevention and Active.com, those same emails that I used to go through daily searching for tips and tricks to help me along my journey.

But I got lost on the way and ended up nearly exactly where I started. I realized that I needed to write about it today after I went on a quick Walmart run and it left me out of breath. No wonder I don’t want to go out and be young because just a simple trip leaves me struggling to gain my composure. Did I turn into that fat girl? I remember I decided I couldn’t date a guy any longer because he struggled taking a short walk with me, and now I think I may look him up because we seem to be a perfect match.

But seriously I’ve never had this issue before, but it feels like when I’m walking I’m carrying a sack of bricks with me. And in some sense I am. All these extra pounds my body has to carry daily is doing so much damage to me physically, mentally, and emotionally.

And for all of you worriers out there, I am making a doctor’s appointment for next week as soon as I get back in town to discuss these issues with my doctor and make sure the only thing going on is the extra weight and not anything more serious.

But my Walmart trip was definitely a wake up call for me. I’ve been telling myself that I can’t continue to live like this for a while now, but my voice has not been louder than a slight whisper. Today I just don’t feel comfortable doing a minor task, so that definitely was the shout I needed to get back in gear. I’ll share later this week on how I plan on getting back to that fit and confident girl I once was. It’s not going to be easy, but I know it’s necessary.

Faking it (and no not that)

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No beating around the bush or witty opener, it’s weigh day so let’s get down to business. Over the past week I’ve put on a little over a pound and a half tipping the scale at 244.6. Whoa! I did do a weight routine Saturday so maybe I gained a pound of muscle??? Yeah I’m not really buying that either. My mom made some delicious shrimp and crawfish fettuccine yesterday and I CAN believe I ate a pound and a half worth of that! I did manage to avoid bringing any with me to work today though.  I know that’s not very motivational, but it’s real. My appetite has always been enormous and that’s something I really struggle with. I need to figure out how to get it in check so that I can start to make progress on my goals. And tip the scale the other way. But until then I’ll just fake a slimmer physique with fashion!

It’s no secret that I’ve been feeling like I could have a seat at the Klump family’s dinner table. I have struggled with my weight and feeling comfortable with my body. As I work to make changes, I try to camouflage my figure flaws with clothing and other little tricks that draw your eye away from my expanding waistline.

Here are my tips:

Staying properly groomed and manicured. (And yes I know I’m not a dog but winning best in show isn’t just for puppies!) I think bright manicures and pedicures help give people something pretty to focus on. And if you know me you’d know I’m slightly obsessed with my eyebrows. Bringing the attention up to my hair or face with mascara, eyeliner and well-groomed brows makes me feel a lot more comfortable in my skin.

Clothing! The easiest way to conceal a larger figure is to distract from the problem areas and focus on what you’ve got, all while making your body look much more proportionate. I know the ladies with hour-glass figures don’t have to worry about proportions, but me and most other American women are not blessed enough to be in that category. I have very broad shoulders AND a slightly large chest compared to my straighter bottom half. To balance that out and look leaner I try to wear a darker colors on top so it visually balances me out a bit. And I try not to wear fussy patterns or too much detail up top. But if you have the opposite problem and you are pear-shaped (your hips are larger than your top half) you would want to wear more details and/or lighter colors up top.

Here’s my super slim- feeling outfit:

Black cardigan from Target. This is probably the exact one I have. Target is definitely my go to place for cardigans. I always know they’l l have a large selection of colors.

White short sleeve button down shirt. No picture necessary, right? Make sure it’s kinda thin and preferably no fussy details (ruffles, etc).

Grey pin-stripe pants. I always feel longer and leaner in pinstripes. And I think that outfit is slimming perfection.

This would have been a great time to share a picture of myself, but I haven’t gotten around to hiring a photographer to follow me around! But for girls with my shape (inverted triangle) White pants are awesome! I LOVE white pants. They actually make me look very shapely when a wear them with a solid color top.

JCPenny Wrap dress

Layers are a top heavy gal’s best friend. Creating a line for the eye to travel is SO slimming. But make sure you aren’t doing bulky layers because that would just make a gal like me get mistaken for a linebacker.

Here is a body type calculator I found on a prom dress post. If you figure out your type you can find out what’s the most flattering clothes for your shape. I’m a mixture of inverted triangle and rectangle so I try to incorporate the rules for both when I try to dress my best.


This is another one of my loves. I wouldn’t think this neckline would be flattering on my figure, but surprisingly it is. It’s from Modcloth. Their vintage style clothing is so flattering for women. And this dress definitely doesn’t disappoint. When I first tried it on all I thought was like wow I look a lot slimmer and so ladylike. So it’s definitely a keeper. I’m looking forward to wearing it in about a month or so! I can’t wait. Anyone have any accessory ideas? I was thinking dangle earrings, updo and maybe an oversized fancy ring?

I hope you find your perfect faking it outfits because I think I’ve got mine down. And we can fake it and look great but we still need to keep giving it our all and trying to really reach our goals instead of hiding behind cute clothes and well groomed appearances. Happy Monday! I’m hopeful that next weel’s weigh in will go a little better.

Quick weight update

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Hello my dear friends. I don’t have time for a long post today, my weeks out-of-town have led to a mountain of work at my desk. 😦 But I wanted to drop in and let you guys know that I weighed in at 241.6 this morning.

I am trying to make every effort to update my weight every Monday so I won’t slack off. I’m pretty happy with that loss. Don’t be alarmed for those who think that was too much  or unhealthy. Last week was probably my heaviest week of the month. I’m usually up a pound or two that week. So we’ll hope that the loss continues this week, even if it isn’t as dramatic.

Have a good Monday. I hope you all aren’t drowning in work like myself! Let’s have a healthy week make plans to be active and eat healthy!


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Monday I shared that I’ve gained 18 pounds in a few months. So 18 is the magic number of the day. You know when you do something bad and the teacher makes you write lines to realize what you’ve done? Well here’s my attempt at self-discipline and I’m writing 18 reasons why I need to lose these 18 pounds (and more).

18 reasons why I need to lose weight/ exercise more/ eat better

  • Minimize my chances of getting obesity related diseases. (Diabetes and high blood pressure run in my family)
  • I miss the way I looked in my LBD (little black dress) when I bought it. It doesn’t even look like the same dress
  • I think once I’m lighter and fitter I can become a better runner
  • Regain that confidence that I found last year
  • Becoming healthier now can add years to my life
  • I’ll have a good excuse to buy new clothes
  • Prove to myself that I can do it
  • So I can wear THIS!

  •  So the doctors can stop telling to lose weight
  • To go into a store and buy the clothes I want instead of whatever fits
  • So my pants won’t wear out between my legs while the rest of them looks fine
  • So no one will ever call me big girl or fat mama ever again
  •  So I can say my weight out loud with pride
  • To set a good example for my niece and nephew
  • So my future children will never know me as fat
  • So I can comfortably give myself a pedicure
  • Less body pains, foot and knee to be exact
  • Because 2012 I will reach my goals

And just to let you know I’m making an effort and not just all talk this time, I walked 4 miles yesterday and stopped by the gym today and got a little cardio in. I have every intention of going back to the track today and getting at least two miles done. After yesterday and today I realized how much I miss this beautiful fatigue feeling. The tingling of my muscles is my body’s way of thanking me for making it better. This feeling is so addictive and I hope that it’s got me hooked again( remember my post When it hurts so bad)! And guess what’s on the menu for lunch? Broccoli and fruit! I know it sounds strange but I really do love broccoli and berries and I crave both often. And I can’t wait until it finishes cooking so I can devour it! Yum!

Lots of activity + Healthy eating= Goal accomplished

And it’s really that simple. No rocket science or complicated arithmetics. Just a simple one plus one equals two. And I can do it one step at a time. One meal at a time and one workout at a time. I’m one day closer to my goal.


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It’s almost time to show off our beach bodies, but I have a small problem with that. I’m definitely not ready to set foot on any beach. Maybe the threat of having to bare my body in swimwear will make me step up to the plate and get myself together because the beach is no place for someone feeling self-conscious about their body.

I have a beach trip tentatively planned for the first week of May. That’s great so now I have a deadline. Now I just need a goal… I weighed in at 245.2 this morning. And I don’t have to go in to details about how horrible that is and how much I fell off the wagon, but yeah I fell. You can see the evidence here. That’s why I haven’t posted a weigh in in a few months.

Now that all the bad news is out-of-the-way it’s time to change the mood up a bit. What am I going to do about this inclining weight?  I have to go back to doing exactly what I did the first time around. Plan and track my food and exercise. I’m going back to my Loseit! app which I had great success with in the past. And then I have to do my weekly workout plans again. Hopefully I can focus on May and get myself to there without gaining any more weight. And it would be great if I can lose a few pounds in the process. I’m hoping to weigh in around 225 for my beach trip. I think 20 pounds is pretty realistic, but only if I do the work to get myself there. I know it won’t be easy  but I’ve got to stop gaining weight.  I swore I would never see t240 again and now here I am resting comfortably in the mid 240s.

I think if anyone doubts their self they should start a blog so they could basically give themselves pep-talks as needed. Because it works. (Well let’s hope its magic hasn’t worn off) I remember me saying that this extra weight was just visiting. Well I have to say now that it’s definitely worn out its welcome and its time to go.

Sensible eating is my focus this week, and it’ll be a bit difficult because I’ll be traveling so I have to take an extra gulp of willpower to fight off the temptations that are found at fast food restaurants and breakfast buffets. My other focus will be getting back into an exercise routine. My goal for this week is six workouts and 1,500 – 1,800 calories a day. Hopefully as close as possible to that 1,500 number.

Everyone cross your fingers and say your prayers for me. I’m going to need all the help I can get to turn my habits around. I have to get back into the grove I used to have. I wish you all luck and I hope you do the same for me. Happy Monday and let’s get these numbers down.